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As much as I love Netflix, it's tough to just browse for movies. So after a few nights of aimless clicking (and a dose of inspiration from Tom Ford's recent list in InStyle), I finally took the time to update my queue. Here's my list of movies I can't wait to watch (or re-watch) this fall. And somebody please tell Netflix to add a searchable category for movies with style!


1. "Chinatown"

Dian Vreeland

2. "The Eye Has to Travel" (a documentary about legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland)

The Birds

3. "The Birds"


4. "Shampoo"


5. "Blade Runner"

What movies are in your queue? I'd love more suggestions!

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Comments (4)

  • Great list! I wonder if you are familiar with ? The site was created for Netflix users like us who are driven a bit 'crazy' by their less than ideal movie browsing. It def. makes browsing for cinema inspiration easier.

  • Two films immediately spring to mind. Firstly, The philadelphia story. I don't think i need say more. Secondly, a little rembebered robert altman film called " The wedding " Shot in a David adler designed house overlooking the lake north of chicago.Great interiors great and 70's clothes

  • Two for the Road is a great style movie too.

  • If you want to watch a really good movie, add "The Big Chill" to you selections. This is truly a classic to enjoy again and again!!!!

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