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Fall Trend: Polka Dot Ties

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I caught up with the September fashion magazines this weekend, and am loving the new polka dot ties I've been spotting all over. After the past few years' obsession with stripes, polka dots feel so fun and fresh. I'm still deciding which one (or two) I'll get for fall, but here are a few I've got my eye on.

197079_mrp_in_lA prep-school-burgundy version from Burberry is all class (Mr. Porter, $195).

51133_NW8895Microdots on classic navy turn the lighthearted pattern into a subtle every day option (J.Crew, $69.50)

502223960This electric blue adds a jolt of energy to otherwise staid black dots (Barneys, $70)


Here's my tie drawer at home -- not a polka dot in sight. Yet!

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Comments (3)

  • It's very nice ties. Thank you.

  • Good morning Kevin, your choice is beautiful, love your tie drawer and selection of ties. My husband is a tie person, you will love his sense of fashion.
    PS Yesterday was his birthday and today is our 24th anniversary, so blessed

  • Excellent ties, one and all. Found a mint-condition vintage original Lanvin today (for $4!) that is IDENTICAL to the Burberry. So nice to have the polka dots back!

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