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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So naturally when I saw the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens, I was extremely flattered. Take a look at the room I produced for our special digital issue—Boundless Beauty—compared with a decorating story their team produced for the Better Living section.

The  large  scale of
schumacher  ’ s  check
Paperwea ve wal l -
paper, used on the walls
throughout the room,
updates a traditional


The large scale of Schumacher’ s check wallpaper I used throughout the room, above, updates a traditional gingham. If the checks were any smaller, they’d scream American country—not the more sophisticated look I was going for. The pattern looks lovely in a soft blue, paired with traditional window valances.


BHG did their own take on the same pairing, above. This room features cheery pops of red and some modern touches, which I appreciate. Their version is charming, too, but it bares a striking resemblance . . . don't you think?

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