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Weekend Pinterest Finds

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I've just returned from a weekend of traveling. When I'm on a trip I find there is a lot of downtime in airports, etc., where I can turn to my phone and instantly find inspiration via Pinterest. Here are a few of my finds. There's a theme... Can you guess where I was?


Lonny Magazine May 2012. Photography by Patrick Cline. Interior Design by Maryam Montague.


Rue Magazine (July/August 2011). Design by Agnes Verrier. Photographed by Scott Woodward.


outdoor inspiration by the style files on Flickr

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Comments (4)

  • Wow Morocco! Welcome back Kevin. It is a beautiful country rich in hospitality and culture.
    Best wishes

  • nice blog, i love all your great ideas!

  • Think it may inspire me to get that book by Maryam Montague, MARRAKESH BY DESIGN - AND A TALE OF ME. Must learn more about Pinterest and love your blog.

  • I love all your blogs, it's so cool, travelling all over with the Living legend Martha Stewart, I should be so lucky to be in your stylish shoes. ^ ^

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