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Friday Giveaway! (Closed)

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Instead of posting about a book this Friday, I wanted to share a new DVD set from the BBC that I am very excited to watch this weekend—The Diamond Queen and The Queen's Palaces. These DVDs have been released in honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, which is being celebrated in the United Kingdom this week.

I am completely obsessed with royal palaces, so I can't wait to take a look at the Queen’s official residences featured in the DVD: Buckingham Palace, which most of us think of as the Queen's home; Windsor Castle, which dates back to the 11th century and has gone from medieval fortress to a romantic fantasy; and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, formerly a monastery, and now home of objects from the Royal Collection that are bound to Palace’s turbulent history.

One lucky blog reader can win the DVD set, plus a gift basket, which includes a tea set, mugs, a commemorative CD, tea, a teapot, a pillow, and a tablecloth. Just leave a comment here to enter the giveaway. Please note that all comments must be approved by an administrator, so you comment will not show up immediately. See official rules for more details.

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Comments (59)

  • I have fond memories of England after an exchange trip there in 1982...........
    I always put milk in my tea.

  • I would love to have these videos! It's like getting permission to snoop around a palace. The queen is a remakable lady having weathered 60 years of changes and challenges without compromise to her very high standards.

  • What a great giveaway! Keep calm and carry on!

  • Would love to be entered in giveaway. I am very intrigued by the "Royals."

  • That looks like a great DVD set! I would love a chance to see it too!

  • Keep calm and jubilee on!

  • Would love to enjoy a spot of tea while watching these videos. Thanks for the opportunity to win this 'Brit' assortment.

  • God Save the Queen! Three cheers for the Queen! Kevin, I am thrilled to see that you and I share such a fascination for The Queen and all things British Royalty! My wonderful grandparents hailed from England and Scotland so I was raised learning about the Royals and enjoying afternoon tea with Grannie and Grandad! It created a strong connection to British traditions. Put seeing the Queen and her family together with the memory of such a loved and loving couple and I feel all warm and happy!

  • I'm always picking up interesting ideas from your blog, Kevin ...thank you! We're on our way to England for a family vacation in a few weeks and I'm getting very excited about visiting all of these places in person as well.

  • How exciting! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  • I'd love to spend an afternoon watching these! Getting a peek inside palaces is so much fun.

  • You are fabulous Kevin!

  • Love this! Sounds like you've got your weekend planned out!

  • Would LOVE to see inside the Queen's palaces! As much as I enjoy seeing your favorite books on Friday, this was a lovely reason to break from the tradition. Cheers!

  • This is such an awesome giveaway! I love to see what the royal family is up to! The recent Diamond Jubilee coverage was especially fun to watch. I found myself flipping between the different morning news programs to see what they were featuring each day.

  • You have selected a great set of DVDs to commemerate HM the Queen's jubilee. Any royalist would be pleased to win.

    God save the Queen!

  • What a great prize! I too am obsessed with royal palaces. I just finished watching the Tudors and the sets and clothing was a visual feast. I can only imagine what visual delights will await me in the royal palaces DVD. I admire the Queen very much because of her devotion to her subjects and country. Both of these DVD will be the perfect way to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee and the summer London Olympics!

  • I'm such an Anglophile-- I would LOVE to win this!!

  • Would love to win the DVDs about the Queen and the basket of goodies. I try to watch anything I can about the Queen when it comes on PBS, but I don't always catch it. Thanks!


  • I was an exchange student to England and would simply love to win the diamond jubilee package. I was there the year of the silver jubilee.

  • Long Live The Queen!!!

  • Oh how marvelous, I love royal interiors (while be simultaneously glad that I don't have to clean them).

  • We toured the carriages at Buckingham Palace, aka "Buck House" and enjoyed it very much!

  • Hello Kevin, I love elegant English homes too!

  • These videos sound very interesting. When seeing a large mansion or castle, I am always curious about the nonpublic areas. the kitchen, pantry, servants quarters and most intriqueing, the attic. I always want to see behind the scenes and have a peek at the attick.

  • Kevin, I love your daily blog. Went to Buckingham Palace and took a tour on Sept. 11 2001. Came out and saw news reporters interviewing people. Did not know what for at the time.

  • Thank Goodness for the Royal World......very intrig....don't think I could live it but i sure luv to view it......Three Cheers for the wonderfulness of their world, their pluck and dignity, and the fact that my ancestors hail from the Knights of the Round Table...........

  • Royality like this is timeless,we are so lucky to catch a glimps of it!!! The importance of this cannot ever be denied in history!!!! I would Love to be chosen as your Winner as I would watch it again and again!!
    Thank you for the chance, Patricia Carson

  • Would be the next best thing to being able to see the Palaces in person.

  • It would be just my cup of tea, thank you for the giveaway!!! The DVD's a bonus... my father's ancestors are from England!!

  • I love castles, the older the better. A trip to England some day to see for myself is something I look forward to.

  • Since I was a child I have been fascinated by kings, queens and castles. Of course, mostly a fairy tale, one should have a fantasy. I've toured Buckingham Palace, it was grand! Good luck to everyone.

  • These DVD's would be fun to watch. I hope I win.

  • I watched all the Jubilee activies on television and in the UK Daily Mail. The concert and the Grand Procession on the Thames were a grand pagent to watch. I was at Fortum and Mason a couple of years ago and had High Tea, and was at Buckingham Palace and the Mall, so I lived vicariously through the British people that got to participate in all the Pomp of the Jubilee weekend.

  • May God bless the Queen and Prince Phillip. Theirs has not always been an easy road to travel, but they have touched many hearts in their journey on life's highway just as the Queen Mum always did. As one with a Scottish heritage, I celebrate this milestone with them and wish them many more celebrations ahead.

    Nancy Narma

  • God Save the Queen! I'd LOVE to have the cd and basket! Thanks for letting us try to win it! Love you Martha!

  • Let's raise a toast to the queen! What a lovely way to commemorate her anniversary (on this side of the pond). And that DVD on the Queen's Palaces looks so inviting.

  • Oh Kevin, what an awesome prize pack! I would truly love to win it! My daughter and I recently enjoyed the 20/20 t.v. special with Katie Couric "The Jubilee Queen". We would LOVE these DVDs. P.S. I love your blog!

  • God save the queen! What a wonderful idea to preserve the Queens Diamond Jubilee and here royal residences for posterity on DVD. Thanks Kevin for bringing this to our attention and sparking my interest in getting both DVD's. I check you blog every evening after work to see what is going on in the wold of design and home decorating.

  • Happy Friday Kevin. The Queen's Diamond Jubillee was amazing. It was worth going to London for the weekend. I am sure you are going to Love both DVDs.
    Good luck to the winner. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • To win this gift would be very exciting. I miss seeing Diana....

  • I guess we're all interested in the royals. It's sort of taking a step back into the past, viewing history in the now. I'm glad we're not in a dictatorship under royals any more but I still enjoy the fashion and excitement.

  • As a child I had to choose to watch the Queen's Coronation or Mike Todd's (Eliabeth Taylor's husband) promotion of the movie "Around the World in 80 Days" in Madison Sq. Garden. My mother told me I would never get to see history again like the Coronation, so I watched it. There was no switching from station to station in those days - I would have been told I was going to break the knob!
    I do love tea and my mother taught me to drink it. I am quite aware how good it tastes in special cups. Fortner and Mason is the best tea too. In those days Lipton tasted great and it was loose tea because we would attempt to read the tea leaves.
    I still have the clippings that appeared in our newspaper about the Queen!

  • Looks like this DVD would be wonderful to watch. Lots of history. Hope I win!

  • what a great prize. what a wonderful way to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee!

  • Would love to have a "Queen's Jubilee" basket! Host afternoon teas for friends around holidays, last on Easter. It would make a wonderful conversation piece for my next event. Have visited Kensington Palace & Windsor Castle & would love the CD's to get a view of the rest of the castles! Pick me, please!!!!

  • I've been to London twice (enjoyed visiting Hampton Court and Windsor!) and am bummed about missing the Olympics this year so this just might fill the gap until I can return again!

  • Kevin,

    I love that the Queen has had such a long and productive reighn. It really gives moral fiber to England.

    D. Redenbach

  • I want to know what they eat!

  • This is a great prize. Thank you for posting this DVD set. It looks very interesting. Loved the picture that Alexis took of you taking Jude for a walk.

  • What enormous undertaking with spectacular results.

  • I would certainly love the dvd's!!!!! I never miss anday of your blog. Thank you Kevin.

  • Kevin, I love all of your ideas, blog and your creativity! I would love to have this set.

  • Would love to win. I, too, am completely obsessed with royal palaces.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to win, Kevin. Long live the Queen!

  • Hello, Kevin!
    Boy, you DO brighten my day and provide loads of decadent, delightful and fun ideas for
    all of us dreamers!
    Keep up the good work and thanks for the opportunity to have a bit of royalty to grace my home!
    Sincerely and Cheerio!
    Robin Lassen

  • I hope I am not too late to enter this. I have been so busy with daughter/husband b-day on same day. Father's Day is Sunday and our anniversary this month.

  • I didnt even realize the small amount of history that was presented in this blog! How interesting to have so much history behind nearly everything in one's home(s). There isnt anything even nearly similar in America quite like the Royal Palaces. Thank you for the blog. Very intrigueing- The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

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