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Kevin's Rules for Hosting a Cocktail Party

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1. Make sure you have lots of alcohol. I tend to focus on one drink. For me, the best party cocktail is anything champagne based. Steer clear of dark drinks—red wine being a major offender—to avoid scrubbing away stains post-party.

2. Set the mood with lighting. As you can see from the snapshot above, I like my parties dimly lit. The dimmers in my dining room are essential for the proper party lighting.

3. Crisp linen napkins are a must. I opted for pink recently, at my Easter cocktail party.

4. Chocolate. There's something special about nibbling on chocolate at a cocktail party—it's just so decadent!

5. A coat rack. I hate it when guests have to dig through a pile of coats in someone's bedroom. A coat rack is much more civilized.

6. A talented waitstaff (it doesn't hurt if they are good looking too). Who doesn't want to be offered a drink at the door by a hunky waiter?

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Comments (4)

  • Easter cocktail party ?! Please please more pictures !!! Dear Mr Sharkey, your parties are always such inspiration... Merck d'avance ( thanks in advance) from Paris. Clem

  • Excellent set, I would add some sophisticated chill out music to go with the champagne cocktails and the party's ready to roll.

  • Greetings from London! Interesting rules, so looking forward to seeing images of your recent parties. I love entertaining guests at home, I enjoy cooking and organizing for the whole thing. If it is was for a big crowd we love Lenotre restaurant catering our events.

    It is a beautiful time of year here in London with all the beautiful flowers everywhere. Would love to share with you some photos.
    Gorgeous tulips from Queen Mary's Park
    Beautiful sceneries at St James Park

  • Great tips, tks, post more pics from your parties!

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