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In the May issue of Living, I shared my favorite food, drinks, and games for hosting a game night. A lot of readers were curious about the gozo card game I learned from Martha. I thought I'd share the rules so you can play it at your own game night.

This two-deck game is similar to rummy. It’s played with two decks of cards and no jokers.

The dealer deals ten cards to each player. The dealer starts.

Each player needs to put down three cards, either in a progression of the same suit or three of a kind. This is called melding. The ace can function as either high or low. If you cannot put anything down, you can pick up additional cards -- up to five -- from the remaining cards of the combined decks.

Each player must meld (put down three cards) once before adding any cards to another players' meld. Once you put down cards, you cannot pick up. The first player to put down all their cards wins.

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Comments (9)

  • This looks like fun. I have not heard of this game so thanks for introducing it to us. I'm anxious to give it a whirl!

  • This sounds fun! Something new to try this weekend.

  • Kevin - Thank You! I thought it was such a tease to talk about what a great time you have playing Gozo, and then completely leave us in the dark as to how to play. I did an Internet search, including on MSL, to no avail, when I first read the article. I am planning games to play on vacation, and thought I'd look again, et voila! There it is - and simple, too! Thanks again.

  • Hi Kevin: Is the game for just 4 players or is there a range? Do you keep score? Thanks for teh info!

  • This looks like fun! How many players can play? And how do you score the game? Is it based on points left in your hand?

  • -----is there a discard pile?
    -----if you have several melds ...can you put down more than one, in your turn?
    -----are you obligated to meld or is it optional?
    I'm intrigued.....but have a few questions......sure wish I could get some answers.

  • Kevin, we need more instructions. After melding, does a player play one card at a time or can they play every card in their hand that can play?

  • We had fun playing the Bo Zo rummy game but we also would like to know the answers about scoring,discarding,melting etc.


  • I have played GO-GO for many years and this sounds like the same. After melding you can continue to meld many more 3-card melds..actually switching and swapping card already melded to use, however you have to always leave 3 cards after you take what you need. You can "split" any meld of 7-8-9 cards if you
    need something in the middle...again, always leave 3
    cards. You are penalized for cards left in your hand
    when game ends...10-King = 10 pts and below that ea
    card = 5 points with Aces in hand 20 pts... FUN !!.

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