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Book Friday: Sea

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A couple of weeks ago I was shopping for some Easter presents for Jude and Truman at one of my favorite children's shop called Yoya. If you look on page 46 of the May issue of Living, you will find a profile on the shop's proprietor Cristina Villegas. While I was at the shop, I came across one of the most beautiful books that I have seen in a long timeā€”Sea by Mark Laita. I urge everyone to get this book. The images are amazing and inspiring beyond measure. Take a look, below.

Green Chromis

Black Ribbon Eel

Blue Jellies

Emperor Angel Turning

Green Sea Turtle copy

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  • Happy Friday! I read the frofile on Yoya shop in New York and visited their website I love it. Wow gorgeous images from the book.
    Have a wonderful weekend

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