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The Ultimate NYC Weekend - Where to Shop

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No weekend in New York is complete without a bit of shopping! Today, I'll share some of my favorite shops and boutiques with you. Whether you're looking for a gift, a good read, or some magnificent home accessories, I know you'll find something fabulous to take home and treasure!

Book Marc, Marc Jacob's bookstore, is the perfect place to find uber-chic books. I highly recommend you check it out for unique gifts, fun personal reads, and books for home design.


Tinsel Trading is such a fun boutique - definitely spend some time in here and check out their stunning vintage gold ribbons.


Pasanella and Son Vintners is a very beautiful wine shop owned by my Decorating Editor, Rebecca Robertson Pasanella.


Jamali Garden design is the event planners' secret source for everything home. Go for one-of-a-kind finds!


via MySimpleDetails.

The Neue Galerie gift shop, because Weiner Werkstatte never goes out of style. The shop is just as incredible as the museum itself.


Calvin Klein has an excellent collection of housewares downstairs and you should definitely check them out!


CWonder is the perfect place to find bright, cheerful gifts. And the store's luminous d├ęcor is sure to inspire you.


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Comments (3)

  • Hi Kevin, thank you for these two interesting posts love your choices. Definitely when in New York will visit them.

  • Calvin Klein is truly awesome - the master of minimalism. The home products are wonderful for anyone who loves modern, clean, and spare.

  • Hi Kevin
    I really like it when you, Martha or the crafters tell us about the great shops in NYC. I was very lucky to be in NYC last December and attended Martha's show on the 6th. It was a fab experience and I got to ask Martha a question at the end of the show. I asked if someone from MSLO could make a " walking tour" of NYC that included all the shopaholic places you go to. I follow all your blogs and I had a list of shops to go to. However not being from NY ( I live in NZ) I found it difficult to navigate my way around and work out where the shops were and plan the time to get to them etc. I spoke to Prof Figgy and Hosanna at a craft fair and discussed this with them as well. They too thought it would be a good idea. As a tourist our time in a city while on holiday is restricted and we don't have the luxury of being able to wander aimlessly around looking for the shops. You have a very big city and it takes a while to get from one area to another. I think Penn Station would be a good starting point for each tour and you could do one area at a time. I'm sure you would get a lot of support from the businesses you would be promoting. You could even do it as a fundraiser with selling the tour maps...just an idea.

    Anyway I' sure there are lots of Martha fans out there who would appreciate this idea. I did manage to get to the shops that I had wanted to get to (Tinsel Trading, M& J Trims, Anthropolgie, Lion Brand and Purl). But I'm sure I missed out on a lot that I didn't realize we're close by. If you need anymore ideas or someone to do it, I would love to come back!

    P.S. I got to see Liz Taylor's exhibition and the Faberge eggs thanks to reading your blog while I was there. Totally awesome and made my trip so much more wonderful. Thank you.

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