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Artwork to Room

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Have a look at designer Lauren Stern's blog. The idea is simple: each day she posts a work of art that looks like a room. I love to see the word of art and interiors come together. Check out the blogĀ here. It reminds me of the post I did last year on art to room.

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  • Hi Kevin, Wow love her blog and work of art. Thank you for introducing her to us.
    Best wishes

  • My husband and I have that painting hanging in our living room. We have a good amount of art on our walls but there is no central theme and it makes it feel like nothing really "goes." The art and rooms in the link look much better!

  • She has some really cool stuff on her blog. We added it to our feed reader :)

  • When Art and Interior Design come together, it is pure poetry. Lauren Stern did a fabulous job of bringing this concept to us in her blog. Thanks for highlighting the wonderful photos. I have added Lauren's blog to the one's I follow. Thanks :)

  • My stepmother and Dad have Christina's world - it was always in my bedroom as a kid and i LOVE it :-)

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