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10 Things I'm Obsessed With

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I'm constantly coming across images of inspiring design and obsessing over artfulness in any way. These are some of the things that I can't get off my mind this Fall, from TV and tasty treats to gorgeous silk flowers.

1o. The Borgias. I am absolutely obsessed with this Showtime series set in Renaissance Italy; the Borgias are all things lavish, drama and scandal.


9. Finding the Perfect Pumpkin. If you haven't started looking, now's the time to go picking through the patch. Orange is classic, but there are so many sizes, shapes, and colors to incorporate into your decorations!


8. Soft Scrub. I use it to clean everything in my apartment.

7. Jamali Silk Orchids. I keep a cluster of these in a vase on my desk.


6. Porthault Sheets, Trèfles Green pattern. The most luxurious bed linens in the most playful, luckiest pattern.


5. Hermit Cookies. These simple, spice-laden drop cookies are all I'm craving, as summer vanishes into cozier months.

4. Hacking Jackets. Crisp, pocketed riding jackets are all over my fall wardrobe.

3. Candy Apples, with Coconut. Pretty and sweet, candy apples with little flecks of shredded coconut look snowy and refreshing all at once–my favorite way to eat fruit.

2. Martha Stewart Glitter. For crafting your Halloween decorations or costume, this Martha Stewart glitter brings quick, punchy glamour that's tough to beat.

1. The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, by Taschen Press. This book includes 27 of the most famous of the Grimms' fairy tales, from Cinderella and Snow White to Hansel and Gretel. Unique silhouettes and illustrations by famous artists make this a keepsake item as much as the perfect Halloween read.


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  • Nice obsessions! I'd be watching the Borgias if I had Showtime and also eating candy apples with coconut while I watch. Hmmm, I think my son gets Showtime. The Hermit cookies look delish too but I'm trying to stay away from sweets. One candy apple won't hurt though!

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