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Do you have a decorating, designing, or organizing question for me? Leave a comment here and your question could be one I answer on my blog or on my SiriusXM radio show. Every Wednesday at 4 P.M. I'm live on the air at SiriusXM 110, and answering your questions.

On another note, it was such a pleasure to have Thom Filicia, interior designer and TV personality, on the radio show last week. We had so many people calling in and so much to talk about that I didn't have a chance to tell listeners where to find more information about Thom. You can visit his website or follow him on Twitter at @ThomFilicia.

Don't forget to tune to this week's show, Wednesday at 4 P.M. And see my answers to previous reader questions here.

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Comments (19)

  • Hi Martha!
    I moved into our new house about 5 months ago and I am lost with the living room!!! I am not a fan of the color pink or any shade of the color- my carpet is mauve. To save money for bigger projects I am keeping the carpet for now. My question is what is a good color for the walls? I have great floor to ceiling windows, making great light and my furniture is a simple beige. What are your suggestions? Please help!!!

  • Kevin,
    I want to update my kitchen with new curtains, wallpaper and paint. What are the latest color trends for kitchens? I'd also like to mix patterns with the wallpaper and curtains while keeping them in the same color family. Any suggestions for mixing patterns?
    Thank you!

  • I have Benjamin Moore "Poppy" on my walls and white woodwork in the living room and an oriental rug with a red background on the floor. I need to recover all the furniture and done't have a clue what colors to use.

    The furniture is very traditional and the room itself is relatively dark. It's only 13' x 26' so a very long narrow room as well. Thanks for any help you can come up with.

  • kitchen cupboards
    are dreadful medium oak with raised panels. I have dark granite tops and nice steel appliances. Cant tolerate the oak. Is there a solution other than replacing the cabinates. Unfortumatly the oak continues to the adjoining family room. Onto the hearth and some cabinetry. I have read some pros and cons of trying to paint this grainy mess. I prefer a more modern clean look but hesitate a complete redo because we plan to sell the house in a little over a year and its value is down. Help please.

  • Still it is a little early to start up the fireplace. Is there a way that I can dazzle it up for the fall?

  • Hi Kevin, I wish I could be able to hear your show every week. Is it possible to post a link of your show taped weekly on your blog? Thank you

  • Hello Kevin. We are in the process of renovating the kitchen in our mid-centry bi-level. We picked hickory cabinets and the counters are California Blue granite. The kitchen opens up to the dining room. The living room opens up to the dining room. What do I do with the dining room as far as color is concerned? It is the cornerstone between the kitchen (blue) and living room (purple, red & khaki)? Any advise? Please help. Thank you.

  • My guest bath has black and white check tile on the walls, the floor and the shower walls (too much). I received a bid to have it painted for $1500.00. My question is: should I attempt to paint the wall tile myself? What is your opinion of painting existing tile?

  • Hi Kevin,

    I have a design and style blog called Design Fixation and I am hoping to get your help with a problem that I've been struggling with. My significant other has recently moved into my condo with me. We have finally managed to squeeze all of his belongings into the tiny space, but I am left wondering how to add a bit of a masculine feel to the condo. Can you suggest some simple updates to create a space that's comfortable for both a man and a woman? Thanks!

    All the best,

  • We have yellow pine floors that have lost their polyurethane finished over the years. We want to refinish them. I am wondering if you know of any oil finish product that might work instead of polyurethane.
    Thank you.

  • i have become addicted to home decor ideas since i retired to florida from all your ideas & would love to know your suggestons on how to accessorize my glass & iron table in the family room? right now i have stacks of coffee table books,two tall candlesticks with hurricane glass tops & 4 stone fruits with flat bottoms to stay on top & not roll.should i add more books or omitt some of my accessories & listen to your reccomendations,i'm open to all!!

  • Hi Kevin,
    I love your radio show and am always so happy when I get in the car and there you are! We recently moved, from a house that we totally renovated and loved to a new place and a new adventure. We decided to leave the neighborhood behind and purchased a log home on 14 acres. We have a stable (no horses yet) and a barn...never been happier! My question to you is; we are planning to host Thanksgiving for 22 people, what suggestions do you have for decorating the barn to host this group? I would be happy to post pictures. Thank you, Karen

  • Hi Kevin. We have a photo of a hydrangea plant that we would like to make the logo of our summer house. Would you know where we can go to submit the photo to get a simply logo/image made so that we can use this for personalised stationary, for custom embroidered towels, etc... I'd be happy to post the photo of the plant if that helps. Thanks so much! Kathy

  • I am in the process of updating my home of 5 years, inside and out. I am replacing outdoor light fixtures - one over my front door and two on either side of my garage door which is an attached garage. What is the appropriate size light fixture? The fixtures I have now are way too small. My railings are black wrought iron, new dark taupe roof, brick facade with white siding. Front door is new and is a beautiful cobalt blue (love my door.)

  • I have a very small kitchen but the best in appliances , stainless steel,electric stove, 4door frig, ! The cabinets are white and, I think they were laminated how can I redo them without taking them out, but changing the shade of wood , like oak or light cherry ? Can they be painted ?

  • I was listening to a rebroadcast of this weeks show where you were talking about the Martha Stewart bathroom collection. Something we like to have in our bathroom is a double towel bar. They are hard to find and I was wondering if they are part of the Home Depot collection.

    Thank you,

  • We just purchased a 50 yr old cape cod. It hasn't been redecorated or updated since then either. This is why we love it. That said, my husband and I agree that Martha Stewart colors(paint) are perfect for this home. We started in the kitchen with Whetstone gray and are carrying through the main floor. I was stunned that I returned to Home Depot(buy more paint) and found that they are no longer carrying these paints/colors! I painted my kitchen cabinets in the darker color (hoping to look like your brand)until I can afford to renovate the kitchen! Tell me Martha is not leaving Home Depot! I'm not done yet! I really wanted to finish painting before the holidays! Are you no longer making cabinets? We are using your cabinet catalog as inspiration! We really love the painted cabinets that you offer! We haven't seen anything else like them! Help!!!!
    Thank you!

  • Kevin,

    We live in the Cincinnati area of Ohio and am looking for a very tall fully reclining chair for my 6'-5" husband. Yes, we have found one called Forrester from Haverty's, but it is very ugly. I call it the Michelin Chair. I would like our tall man's recliner to come in a saddle brown leather, as it will be in our living room. Just because someone is tall, does not mean that they have no decorating sense! Where are the tall chairs? I cannot find them on-line or in stores. We went to the Design Center in Cincinnati, but as there are no samples, I am loath to pay a fortune for a non-returnable chair, if it does not really fit or is not comfortable. Kevin, you have to help me! I've been looking for months and do not know where to go. Thank you, ever so much! Heidi and Dave

  • I need help with window treatments for my living/dining area. Can you suggest a great publication or website. I have visited all of the retail sites and see nothing of interest. My problem is I know what I don't want but do not know what I want.

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