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Win a Martha Stewart Collection Quilt (Closed)

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In celebration of this week's Memorial Day holiday, I wanted to offer a piece of classic Americana for one lucky home....our Radiant Stars Quilt from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's.


This charming bedspread with intricate florals and rich solid hues arranged in starburst and diamond motifs was inspired by an antique design.

For a chance to win the queen-sized quilt, leave me a comment on this post, along with your name and a valid email-address. All comments must be received by 5 PM EST today, Thursday, June 2, 2011. We'll choose one commenter at random to win the prize.

Read the Official Rules for this giveaway.

Good luck!

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Comments (73)

  • What a good and idea and what a nice quilt for the day.

  • Super idea and such a nice quilt too

  • This is a lovely pattern. One that I would love to have in my home. We live in a log cabin in the middle of the city, if you can believe that! It would look great on my bed!

  • Its beautiful! I'd love to win it! :)

  • I found your blog over the holiday weekend and love it already! Excited for this giveaway too! I love a good quilt!

  • Love this quilt! Really beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  • It's beautiful!

  • I love the quilt, but then again I love all things Martha. Beautiful!

  • Beautiful quilt! I've been trying to sew my own, but it would be much faster to just win this one!

  • I just love your blog! It gives me a lot of inspiration while I am furnishing my new home.
    Thanks from Estonia!

  • Love your blog - such great ideas always! Beautiful quilt, would love to win it!

  • The quilt makes me think of my mother. She would find it quite remarthable.

  • I would love one of Martha's quilts! They are so nice and well made.

  • Love the bright vibrant colors! Would make any bedroom feel light airy and full of summer! Fingers crossed.

  • What a stunning quilt!

  • Cool quilt, Kevin.

  • Bee ee a you tea full!

  • I love your blog and now the chance to win a gorgeous quilt is just an extra bonus.

  • Hi Kevin, What a thoughtful thing to do! The photo of that quilt is outstanding! I love everything about Martha, YOU, the dogs, this website, etc., etc., etc.! Thanks for making my life more fun! Jan

  • Our bedroom has a decorating dilemma! My husband likes plain flannel sheets and I like a color and pattern! This charming quilt could mediate our lives and who doesn't need it especially in the bedroom! Please help Martha! I would love this colorful quilt, thanks!

  • What a great looking quilt!

  • I live in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri where we hae a long and proud heritage of quilting. The home I live in once had a quilt shop on it's premises. All of that said, this is a beautiful quilt and a lovely use of color. I adore quilts but want something with a more modern sensibility. This interpretation fits that nicely. It would be lovely in my home.

  • Such a lovely quilt, and a great giveaway.......... I sure would enjoy it!

  • I love this quilt! My entire home is based on all good things Martha. Kevin, I also love reading your blog!

  • Kevin, I enjoy reading your blog. Each day I check out the craft/organizing tips of they day, along with what you have to say.

  • I adore this quilt... I had to decide between this quilt and the Martha Stewart collection in Grandin Road... and I opted to get the giant swags and bunting for the front of the house... This quilt is perfect for all summer !!! Keep up the blogging Kevin !

  • Kevin! I love your blog, I read your posts everyday and always get inspired to clean/design/paint, etc. What a gorgeous quilt. My mom has been quilting for years and I've always loved the graphic patterns and colour palettes. I'm now a practicing graphic designer and I have no doubt that these influenced me growing up. I'd love to win it and give it to my mother as a thank you. :)

  • Kevin, I enjoy reading your blog. Each day I check out the craft/organizing tips of they day, along with what you have to say.
    I tried to comment earlier, but I'm getting an error :(

  • Hi Kevin,

    I hope you are enjoying your summer. The quilt in the giveaway is beautiful and it evokes feelings of summer and cool breezes on the lake.

  • I enjoy traveling with you and Martha on your blog.....
    Maine is my favorite....
    Great quilt design!

  • Your June 2 idea about refreshing the house for the summer season makes me think that this quilt set will give a new feel to our master bedroom. The red will meld the other colors (white and black) nicely.

  • Love the colors in the quilt -perfect for the summer!

  • Kevin,
    This quilt looks so "Americana"-- just wonderful. I read your blog daily and love learning from it.

  • I love this!! I'm a sewer, and mainly because I love making quilts and holding them, but I don't have a ton of time with small kids. This is beautiful!

  • Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Kevin -- I have loved the MSC quilts since seeing a picture of your bed with the cross-stitch quilt ..I just wish a retailer in Canada sold the MSC line ..

  • Beautiful quilt!

  • I absolutely adore quilts. They are such a warm way to decorate and this star pattern is beautiful.

  • What a fun design! AND it matches the curtains in my bedroom!

  • I am a quilt fanatic and had no idea Martha had a line! LOVE the cottage feel of the one pictured. Thanks for all the inspiration, Kevin!

  • Would love the quilt, would give my bedroom some nice color!

  • That is such a beautiful quilt. Very festive for the upcoming hoildays in the summer. :)

  • Love, love, love it!!! This would be perfect in my guest suite! I'd love to win!! :)

  • Beautiful quilt. This would look great in my bedroom.

  • Hi Kevin, love your ideas, style and gift of design! I have used so many of your ideas in my home and I am so excited about this giveaway. I am now in the process of buying an 1813 federal brick townhouse which I had already planned on using the main colors in Martha quilt above and wanted my house to reflect my love of Americana. I know that the quilt would meet all of my criteria for my beautiful little town house and be quite stunning in the master bedroom.

  • That quilt makes me think of the 4th of July and beach vacations.

  • As a quilter, I love the design and quality of this quilt!

  • The winner of such a beautiful classic quilt is a lucky person indeed! It's timeless and would make a lovely focal point for a charming bedroom.

    Fingers crossed that I'm the lucky winner!

  • Beautiful work! Would love to have this in my bedroom.

  • simple, clean, traditional yet modern. love it.

  • what a lovely take on the classic Americana quilt! beautiful

  • I really, really want to win.
    I live in Calgary,Alberta Canada and we don't have access to any of Martha's products (tears forming in the corner of my eyes).
    My cottage up north is screaming for a new quilt for the master bedroon and I adore this one.

    Please pick me!

  • My mother would love this!

  • What a lovely quilt! It would be perfect for summer decorating.

  • Hey Kevin...
    Love the quilt. Sure would look nice on my bed for the summer! Wish me luck :)

  • Beautiful quilt and a great giveaway!

  • I would love to give this to a dear friend of mine for a housewarming present. Such rich vibrant colors!

  • can think of only one word "Beautiful!"

  • luv it, need it!

  • I hope I found this in time. I'd love to win!

  • Wow! I am 2 min. shy of 5 p.m. What a beautiful quilt! Thanks Kev!

  • Great subtle use of red.

  • Fantastic quilt! What an excellant way to kick off the summer season! I love it!

  • What a wonderful quilt! The colors are so vibrant and just what I need to brighten up my bedroom! :)

  • come on Martha Stewart! I saw this in the store and wanted it then!

  • What a nice quilt, I would love to win it. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • I love this antique inspired quilt ~ so beautiful!

  • Oh well, too late to enter. Wish I'd had a chance to read this earlier. This is a beautiful quilt, would have been fun to win for my wedding anniversary today.

  • Am I too late? :/ I would love this, it's gorgeous!

  • What a great giveaway! This is so fun and such a beautiful quilt! I love all of Martha's lines, but especially the one from Macy's. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Adore the rich summer colors, perfect for a lake house!

  • Hello Kevin,

    This engaging design with it's mix of colors would light up our bedroom and put a smile on my face morning, night and in between.
    Thank you for a chance to win a sunny outfit for our bedroom.

  • I would love to win this quilt. I am a collector as far back as the early 1900's. What an addition this would make!!!! Thanks for the chance!!!!!!!!!!

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