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Win a Martha Stewart Pets 3-Piece Bowl and Windbreaker!

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Did you know that Martha Stewart now has a line of pet toys and accessories sold exclusively at PetSmart stores and

To celebrate, Home Design is giving away a stylish set of pet must-haves. Comment on this blog post and you could win...

One Martha Stewart 3-Piece Bowl Set for Dogs



One Martha Stewart Windbreaker (size M). ** NOTE: The giveaway windbreaker will come in the color blue/green -- not orange/pink.


For a chance to win both the 3-piece bowl set and windbreaker, leave me a comment on this post, along with your name and a valid email-address. All comments must be received by 5 PM EST today, Monday, March 7. We'll choose one commenter at random to win the prize.

Read the official rules for this giveaway.

Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.

Good luck!

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Comments (130)

  • Love the idea of the bowls being separate and a lid. The coat is adorable.

  • I hope my Lhasa Apso, Sugar, wins.

  • I love this blog. I draw so much inspiration from it!

  • Finally, pet supplies with style!

  • What a classic design and color combination for the Martha Stewart three piece bowl set and windbreaker!

  • My dog would be so stylish with these Martha accessories!

  • My dog and I love the Martha pet products. Gwenie is a greyhound, retired from racing and rescued from the track. She would especially love the windbreaker. Greyhounds need protection from the elements and this would suit her perfectly.

  • My family and I are expecting our new Westie on April 9. What a wonderful way to welcome him to our home with a new bowl and windbreaker. Read your blog everyday - very interesting!

  • Wow my dog Wellington would love to have some Martha Stewart products of his own!

  • I love the feeding set, the lid is a GREAT idea and the feeding dishes have style; I wish there was a Pet Smart near me...The coat is so cute, I can just see my boxer,Bella in it.....
    You can tell Martha loves pets with the thought she put into these designs, thanks.....

  • My terrier mixes, Hoover and Miele, would really enjoy the prizes if we won.

  • That bowl is the best thing I have seen for traveling with your pet! Maddie would be sylin' in that windbreaker. Thanks for introducing us to some new products; I wish the closest PetSmart stores were not over an hour away.

  • Buster, my Boston Terrier would look really sharp in that windbreaker!

  • E & C are very well behaved dogs and would love to share the bowl on our travels.... Now E would get the wind breaker as he has less hair and blue is a boy color. So I am in!

  • Hi Kevin, Thanks for posting this blog about Martha's PetSmart products. I've been to PetSmart several times and will go again soon to get more of the newest items that The Daily Wag posted about today. Being an animal lover, I love to give my sweet little Dudley Do Right as many of Martha's products as I can find at PetSmart. Do you think she will ever make any dog food products?! Sure would be great! Jan Erickson

  • What a great Idea with the 3 piece bowl set. If your dog doesn't eat all of his food you can cover it and put it in the fridge. Also at my house right now in Calif. it's raining and my dog Tazz could use a rain coat. He get's so wet when he goes out to potty. The coat would sure come in handy. I hope I win!

  • My 18 pound pug Tikki, stuggles with a brain tumor and loves to be pampered. I know he will look awesome in your beautiful and stylish windbreaker.

  • Interesting line of pet toys and accessories.
    Good luck to the winner!

  • I would LOVE to win this for my doodle dog! & since my kitchen is already decorated in Martha Stewart blue, the bowl set would match perfectly!

  • Tuxford, my pom, loves Martha Stewart for PetSmart products. Who doesn't need a cute jacket...especially when we're having an extra-long winter!

  • This is a great giveaway. The windbreaker is particularly nice, and would be great for days at our chilly northern California beaches.

  • Sitting here watching 'The Martha Stewart Show' and decided to check the website for the recipes as today is Meatball day....Yum! Checked your blog (love it by the way!) and saw the chance to win the Martha Stewart pet supplies so I thought why not? I enjoy both of your blogs and the pet blog also. :)

  • I have two Havanese service dogs, one who visits hospitals & nursing homes and the other who reads with small children (he closes the book at THE END). I would love to win these for them!

  • I hope I win! Thanks for having a giveaway!

  • all doggies deserve style!! and my pugs would really benefit from a lid on their food so they can have portion control! woof!!

  • Jack (my adorable schnoodle) and I LOVE going to PetsMart, and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Martha's products! He loves his bed, complete with his bone pillow, and he smells and feels yummy with Martha's Oatmeal shampoo! (Ok, he also looks ADORABLE in his little blue Martha robe) I love the covered bowl and the windbreaker is too cute! Thanks Martha for bringing quality and affordable products to the furry member of my family! :)

  • I have three dogs and I know these items would be used daily.

  • This is perfect for my daughter and her frenchie Boudreaux they are alwyas on the go and sometimes that florida wind can be a bit much for a sensitive frenchie I would so love to give this to them my mutt Max enjoys other Martha products but this is not his style that is what is so great about her products there is something to fit every personality this happens to be perfect for Cat and Bou

  • Only Martha provides fashion and practicallity to all facets of our lives! My dog, Dixie, is rehabbing from her second ACL surgery and is truly now a dog of steel. Thanks for reminding us that little touches in our daily lives are more important than huge decorating projects.

  • My French Bulldog and I enjoy The Daily Wag. He will jump at the chance to sport a Martha Stewart windbreaker and bowl set to be more like Sharkey and Francesca!

  • True Martha style! Love them!

  • A great way to usher in the springtime !!

  • Love the idea of the bowl and lid! Creative!

  • Brilliant! Just this morning my newly crawling baby found the dog dish and I thought "I have GOT to find a dish with a lid!" I was so glad to find your blog, I'll be following via twitter!

  • What a great-and fashionable-idea to have a 3 piece dog bowl. We're a family on the go with a new baby and our 2 english bulldogs are working hard to transition to having a new person in the house. We're always on the look out for pet products that make life easier! Thanks for posting Kevin

  • Wow! I just love the bowl. My dog Jack would look so great in the windbreaker. He loves going out in rain.
    I would love to win these great gifts for both of us.

  • Who says a pit bull can't look enjoy fancy bowls and a windbreaker, Izzy would!

  • Love, love, LOVE this bowl set! My Boston Terriers would be excited to have one of these. The jacket would probably be too large for them, but I know just the puppy that wouldaport it with style. Hope to win!

  • These pieces are so cute and stylish!! The bowl and lid combo is great design for cleaning or traveling.

  • have a venice beach CA mutt who would dig this color scheme.

  • I love this! I have a list of items to buy from the Martha Stewart collection for my Pug/Boston Terrier mix. He would look so dapper in that windbreaker.

  • Your blog is a bright spot in my day! Now it could be a bright spot in my dog's day as well! Thanks for taking me to so many NYC locales I might never see otherwise!

  • I think the 3-piece dish and lid is a very innovative idea! Why didn't I think of that? Doggies will be nice and warm in the cute jacket.

  • Here's hoping pug Pete is lucky today. His companion Lucy always wins contests. I think he's getting a complex.

  • These pet products are really stylish!

  • My 2 standard poodles are the most pampered pooches on the planet. They love to receive new pet products. Oonya would love the windbreaker as she hates to go outside during inclement weather. Husker would love a new dog dish and since there are 2, he wouldn't mind sharing with Oonya. They also love watching the Martha Stewart show daily, especially when she has her dogs on the show.

  • woof woof! pick me

    i love eveything martha does!

  • Hi Kevin, I absolutely love the Martha dog line at PetSmart. I would love to win the bowls, it will be perfect for camping the summer.

    BTW thanks for the house colors and advice on flooring for my airstream.

  • oh, my mini doxie would love this. we just found out that she had a herniated disk in her neck.............

  • I saw those bowls the other day, love the cover-perfect for traveling. The windbreaker would be great for my beagle, he hates being in the rain-just stands there-hopefully this will motivate him to go to the bathroom :)

  • So adorable!! My darling Cairn Terrier, Chance, would be oh so happy to receive such a generous present! Now, my other Cairn Terrier, Murphy, may be jealous but let's face it, Murphy is a 'collar-only' kinda dog. Promise to send a pic! PICK ME! =)

  • I would love these for my furbabies! I especially would like the coat for my Chesey cause she is less furry than Abby!
    Jennifer Hinshaw

  • These are adorable!! Just a quick stop by to say Hi! THe cardinals outside are complaining that my feeders are empty! Got to go feed my outside pets!!

  • Awwwwwww my sweet and spoiled black lab Bree, would love to score this swag!!!!! :)

  • i love the windbreaker. i have 2 minpins and they shiver in the cold. one is 13 and it would be wonderful for her.

  • I love the 3 piece bowl set! Martha & crew always seem to think of exactly what we need :)

  • I absolutely love everything Martha and was so happy to see her extend the brand into pet items! Every item has its special little "Martha" touch and I love everything from the beds, toys, & leashes to the bowls and travel items!

  • I love love love the windbreaker. I also have some of Martha's grooming brushes that are excellent!

  • Our old girl Reva would just love these beautiful items. Kitty would be so jealous! All the best, Susan Faye

  • Love all of Martha's dog line. Please add supersize to the line.

    (Great Danes require XXX-L or larger)

  • OMG my middle child SIMON would look crazy HOT in this windbreaker! His brothers would be jealous, but we'll make up for it in treats!

  • I love this ideal. I really enjoy watching all of Martha's shows on Hallmark channel.

  • My doggy hopes to win this!

  • Finally my dog, Atzin, can be as stylish as his owner!! : )

  • My pug would look supper cute in this! I love all of the Martha pet products!

  • Love the bowl set, and I'm sure my mini dachshund would, too!

  • aw my little slinky would look ADORABLE in this!

  • I have a French Bulldog and decided to try Martha's fit for coats and sweaters as Remy is "barrel chested" and not everything fits him well. Martha's dog clothing fits him wonderfully and he gets many compliments on his clothing!
    I have never tried the bowls but they look practical and I love the patterns and choice of colors.

  • Love the windbreaker! Super cute!

  • My baby boo would love this, as it gets very windy here in Vegas!!! Love you Martha.

  • HOW cute! My pooch would LOVE these products I know I do! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • awesome idea! thanks for the chance to win!

  • I love that windbreaker, and I'm sure my wire fox terrier would, too! : )

  • The windbreaker would be great for all the walks my dog mugs and I are taking in an effort to lose weight!

  • Awwww my doggie would look so cute in that. Love you Martha, thank you for being you.

  • So precious! My bichon frise would love everything!

  • hi Kevin: love, I mean love, the dog bowl! it is so neat that its 3 in one!

  • Those bowls are awesome! I love the designs! Martha is such a genius! I bought one of Martha's collars for my dog and would love to add anything else to my "collection" of Martha Stewart creations in my home!

    That windbreaker is just adorable!!

  • I have a very spoiled Cairn Terrier named Harry. The bowls would match my kitchen perfectly! I've got to get to PetSmart. I had no idea Martha had a line of pet products.

  • I love this jacket! My border collie, who doesn't understand "the weather is too yucky for a walk" would love it too!

  • My dog would love these "good things"!

  • My cocker/beagle mix Jessie would look so cute in the Windbreaker.

  • the lidded bowl would be great for a and trip to the park and Ashley(my poodle)would love the windbreaker on windy days

  • That has GOT to be the CUTEST jacket I have ever seen!

  • Since we live at the lake and it can get quite windy at times, Murpy, my adorable, black Miniature Poodle would love this windbreaker (so would his mom). The dishes are darling and so stylish - not like the plain dishes we have in our small town.

  • Hmmm I could have used this windbreaker last night...says Mr. Wilson the dachshund!

  • Would love to win, thank you XOXO

  • oh my basset hound would love these! thanks for the chance! :D

  • Mini, my JRT mix would love to have this!She is recovering from Cruciate Ligament surgery on both knees. She needs some cheering up. Thanks!

  • HOW COOL !! Thank you for a chance to win a wonderful collection. Our critters that you too !! Our two rescue bostons will have have to share, but I think they will love it !! I love the colors of your items. GREAT LOOKING AND PRACTICAL TOO !! what more can you ask for !!

    Doreen, Sam, Mason and all the critters here at HomeTweetHome

  • the bowl with lid would be great for a trip to the park and my poodle, Ashley would love the windbreaker on windy days

  • Murphy, my adorable, black, miniature poodle, and I live at the lake and we love to walk around the lake where it can get quite windy at times. He not only would be protected against the wind, but also look really sharp in that colorful windbreaker. The dishes are pretty fancy, too for such a small town dog and he would love those (so would his Mom)!

  • :( hey, we got our comment in BEFORE 5 pm BUT IT SAYS 6:20 PM not so !!! boooooo

  • Oh my! My basset hound, Bonnie, would look so good in the windbreaker and she needs a new bowl! I can't wait to get to PetSmart and check out Martha's new line!

  • Windbreaker is adorable.

  • There's nothing Martha doesn't do that is abosolutely fab and with a purpose. I am hopeful that her clothing line for pets can also be made for XXL pets. The sizes run rather small. They don't fit my 89 lb Golden :(

  • We gave my pup Mona some of Martha's dog toys for Christmas and she plays with the yellow bird constantly! I can't believe how well they hold up. Usually toys only last 30-45 minutes before she's torn the seems and pulled out the stuffing! :-)

  • These items are perfect for our dogs in Maine on the go. My dog is uncomfortable with the fabric style travel bowl. This bowl set works for both. With the cover, you can have the evening meal ready to go when you get home at the end of the day.
    Mud season is starting in Maine, and the jacket is great for windy spring days.

  • Too cute!

  • I love the doggie windbreaker soooo cutesy! Love that the bowl has a lid too. <3

  • Love everything that has come out. I specifically went to Petsmart to check out the MS toys and such for our boy Cooper. He loved all the toys, and the leads and leashes were sturdy and looked fantastic! We don't have the set of bowls, but we would put them to great use.

  • This set looks so cute! We live in a neighborhood with water access, so the windbreaker would be great for our pug. He would, of course, fall in love with anything that holds food ;)

  • Ack!! Just saw this! Would love to win for my lovable furry friend, Luke :)

    Pretty please?!

  • I love the windbreaker and would love to have it for my dogs...or at least 3 of them...I have 3 Great Danes. Sidney, Rueben and Gertie are always to large for store bought clothes.. Have a great6 day.

  • What's not to love about ALL of Martha's products and ideas. I have been a fan since the very beginning. My family laughs when I tell them what Martha would do or say about anything that comes up in conversation--as if I know her personally. But honestly--her ideas are the best and these new dog products are great!

  • Martha Stewart's pet line = the best thing ever. My pup Chewy and I love every piece we've gotten so far! The crocheted fruit toys (his favorite is the apple because he can toss it by the stem), toy bins, feeding mat, bed.... the 3 piece bowl & windbreaker would be a lovely addition!

  • I love the idea of a lid for the dog bowl. The windbreaker would be perfect for my nephew dog Gizmo. He hates the cold. He would look very cute in it.

  • My Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Cooper would look adorable in this coat!

  • Love the collection - the dog bowl is practical and the coat is too cute!

  • I love love it!!! The bowels are great and the windbreaker fantastic!!...Love the colors...
    thanks Martha for coming up with the great idea's ...and your staff too!!


  • I love these unique items. My sister just got a new dog and this would be the perfect welcome home gift!!

  • Love the bowl and the poncho.
    address 912 W. Colorado blvd, Monrovia, Ca 91016

  • My dog Molly is 14 and needs protection from the weather now, she would LOVE the windbreaker!

  • love my Dog and Martha

  • I would love to win something like this for my dog chips.

  • As the wonderful children's book says, animals should definitley not wear clothes. The dishes are very nice.

  • Love the bowl design and the windbreaker is adorable, too. My son and his dog are campers and it would be a great gift for them!

  • We live behind a natural preserve of over 500 acres & our Pepsi is black would love to find something that would keep her fashionably dry & also easy to find in the woods.

    The bowls are just darling. Would match my kitchen decor.

  • Cute! My dog loves her Martha Stewart for Petsmart bird toy that tweets! She would loves this bowl set and coat.

  • Rufus needs a pretty new bowl, his just broke.

  • Hi Kevin, My mini dachshund is always sporting Martha's dog gear!! Love, love, love it!!!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!! :)

  • My 12 year old Bassett Hound would be the envey of the doghood here in Speedway, In. She would be to-to cool for walking around the race track in May. And I know the neighbors would say: Now where did you get that set of dish's at for Grace?

  • How cute! My three pups would love it :o )

  • My pekenesse dog would love to win these fabulous prizes, she is about 7 years old and we take her with us on vacation I dont have the heart to leave her behind, because she gets depressed we would greatly appreciate the gifts, Thanks Paula

  • Very cute! I would love to win these!!

  • My chow lab mix would love a new bowl! I love that it has a top!

  • Author Comment:

    The contest was posted in the morning yesterday and closed around 7 in the evening. I apologize if you didn't see it till 5. You are most certainly in the drawing for the prize. Good luck!


    Home Design.

  • this is so cute..I have a small 16 pound shih tuz.Shorty..she,s my baby and very picky on what she eats her food on.and this set look great ..she would love it..and she loves the toys we buy her from pet store ...your tweety bird is her favorite.

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Victor,

    Congratulations! You are the winner of our Martha Stewart Pets Giveaway. Please send us your address so that we can mail your gift to you. We will be sending you via email a prize verification form for you to fill out and send back to us.

    Congratulations again and thanks for reading Home Design.



  • That windbreaker will look great on my corgi when we go walking on the beach and while her daddy is surfing.

    Plus the bowl looks so stylish. All of Martha's stuff is great!

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