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Win a Martha Stewart Tinsel Tabletop Christmas Tree

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After spending the weekend decorating my tree, I wanted to share one of the fantastic vintage-inspired trees from the Martha Stewart Collection at Grandin Road.

Home Design is giving  away a Martha Stewart Tinsel Tabletop Retro Tree from Grandin Road!


This silver, vintage-inspired tree would look fantastic in front of a window or as a centerpiece on your holiday table.


For a chance to win the tinsel tree, leave me a comment on this post, along with your name and a valid email-address. All comments must be received by 7 PM EST today, Wednesday, December 8. We'll choose one commenter at random to win the prize.

Read the official rules for this giveaway.

Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.

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Comments (602)

  • Love your trees Kevin. Question: what happened to book Fridays? I miss them.

  • I absolutly LOVE this! I'm a huge "Martha" fan. I've downloaded the Martha Stewart Everyday app and I've tried so many new dishes! (the recipes are so easy to follow too!)

    Thank you!

  • I've always loved the look of a tinsel tree, but couldn't convince my family to do one. A tabletop version sounds like a great compromise to me!

  • This tree is so simple and so gorgeous I have this huge holiday table this year that is a cherry wood and this would look so beautiful in the center of my table. Happy Holidays!!!

  • Wow! This brings back memories! Reminds me of a tree my great-grandmother had! :o )

  • I love this tree! Fingers are crossed!

  • My Mom always talks about the tinsel tree she had growing up. How fun would it be to have a mini one?

  • I love the tinsel trees and since I live in a very small apartment I don't have the room for a full size tree of any kind. This tabletop tree would be perfect!

  • What an adorable tree!

  • I have been re purposing some of my Christmas items into other things. I guess its because they are getting old and tired and change brings new life. A cute little tree such as this would brighten my bare spot on the table in my nook. It would look great decorated with my set of little old cookie cutters, bows and small candy canes... would love to win one.

  • I love this tinsel tree! It would look great in my dining room!

  • Ohh! I LOVE tinsel trees! I need this!

  • Love the tree! And this blog is great; I cannot tell you how addicted I am :-)

  • Looks fantastic and so...sci fi

  • This tree is fabulous and would look great decorated with red ornaments.

  • Excellent color scheme!

  • So cute! Would love to win the tinsel tree, as with curious cats and going away for the holidays, we aren't going to be able to get a real tree this year.

  • I loooove grandin road! and Martha, of course. Happy holidays!

  • I'm heading off to college next fall and this tree would be the perfect thing for my very likely tiny apartment!

  • This tree is very pretty. I love it with the mini deer under it. :)

  • I love the vintage decorations! Such a welcome tinsel flashbacK!

  • This tree is so like the one we had when I was a
    child. This tree reminds me of Christmas in a
    Christian family and the love of Jesus and family.
    Now my children try to make Christmas the same.

  • This is such a cute tree and I need one for my dining room just like this!

  • What a great giveaway!! Not much xmas cheer at our apt, poor young adults ;) This would be great to add a bit of pep!!

  • I love this tree! It would look amazing dressed with my grandmother's vintage silver and red foil tinsel.

  • Your tree looks so beautiful decorated with one color. I think I'll decorate mine with one color as well.

  • My first visit to your site. I would love to win this nostalgic tree. Great site!! Keep up the good work.

  • I love the tinsel tree. It reminds me of the one my grandmother had in her living room window.

  • Nice use of ornaments! Love the polar bears!

  • Wow - that's some tree! I love the nativity set underneath, too.

  • This is beautiful and reminds me of the full-size silver trees from my childhood. My parents had one with the rotating color lights projected on it.

  • Beautiful decorations.

  • So beautiful! This (and your gorgeous Christmas trees and adorable polar bears) is great inspiration for my own Christmas decor!

  • I love you, Martha!

  • I love the pink decorations on the silver tree! My favorite colors. Just perfect!

  • What's not to love about tinsel? Beautiful reproduction and we would be honored to have one of these sparkling up our home! Best & Cheers, "Tinsel & Gretel" ;-)

  • Those tinsel trees have perfectly captured a retro look and yet are so modern as well. I love them, they'd be a wonderful addition to any Christmas decor!

  • So cute! I would cover it in candy canes. :)

  • Gorgeous tree! Oh so reminds me of my grandparents tree when I was a little girl. I used to sit and stare with amazement at the colors changing by the turn of the color wheel.

  • glitterific!

  • I hope to win one of these....They are just beautiful.

  • I have been wanting a tree like this forever! They are so hard to track down!

  • I'd love to win this tree!! My desk at work could use some festive cheer and some brightening up!

  • Beautiful! I was just looking at this and the ornaments on Grandin Road this morning!

  • The tree is gorgeous! I would love to add it to my collection of Christmas decor.

  • I was just saying how badly I wanted one of these tinsel trees and here it is.
    pick me!
    pick me!

  • I love that I can reuse this tree year after year. Plus it will look great through New Year's!

  • That tree is amazing! There are so many different things you could do to decorate it further.

  • Thanks so much for always giving us inspiration to make our own crafts at home.

  • How fab?! We have a green faux tree because our daughter is allergic. This sparkly little wonder would be perfect for her!

  • This tree looks awesome!!

  • Love this over the top!

  • Great tree! Seeing the picture brings back memories of the silver tinsel tree we had. Ours was full-size, but I have to say I love the tabletop version for its versatility.

  • The ideal tree for my tinseltown loft down in the Big Easy...which isn't big enough for a real one!! A new N'awlins tradition!

  • cool tree. she should start doing her version of jadeite and feather trees like the old catalogs

  • I don't have a faux tree but would love one from Martha!

  • Love it!

  • The tree is beautiful! It would be a wonderful centerpiece for our upcoming holiday party!

  • Author Comment:

    Luckily, I have a nice storage space in my building.

  • I wasn't very excited about metallic trees until I saw Kevin's collection of metallic ornaments and how silver, copper, and gold ornaments come together to create a dramatic and festive tree that isn't at all kitschy. Great inspiration!!! I'd love a Martha tree to experiment with!

  • My antique ornaments would look lovely on the mini tinsel tree! Love the oil pan tray used for the base.


  • beautiful!

  • Love, Love the tree! I sometimes imagine that I have the time and talent to be my family's own little Martha. This would look great on my dining table and decor for years to come!

  • I have not decorated my home for Christmas since my 19-yo daughter was killed 10 yrs ago. This is the first year since then that I have desired to have a tree, but due to disabiity status that has occured since 2006, I cannot manage to bring things from the attic, and decorate. Seeing the tree on your show made me smile at remembering those pretty tinsel trees in my sister's home. It would be an honor to have your tree in my home to bring back the enjoyment of Christmas lights and happy memories or times past. I've been your die-hard fan for YEARS.

  • This little tree is beautiful and super-cute. It reminds me of a decoration that my Italian grandmother used to put on her piano in her city apartment when I was a child.

  • i'm obsessed with tinsel xmas trees!

  • Love the tree :-) Merry Christmas!

  • LOVE this! Pick me!

  • Very nice table top tree! Perfect for those who are not able to have a full-sized tree!!

  • Love that vintage look!!! I passed on a large silver tree at an antique store a couple of years back- no place to store it - this would be the perfect solution :)

  • I love the idea of adding sparkles during the holidays.
    This looks like a great one.

  • I love Martha Stewart and would love this tree!

  • pick me I would like the tree , thanks

  • So very pretty. I love the retro look. It will fit perfectly into my apartment decor.

  • What a fun decorating idea! It would be great fun to use for Easter as well all decked out in colorful eggs. Adorable!

  • These are adorable. Perfect idea since we opted not to bring the big tree out this year.

  • How perfectly wonderful! Pick me! It's just so perfect!

  • LOVE it...reminds me of the real tree I decorated 4 years ago all in red and white! Not only pagan colors but Polish as well :) It was perfect!

  • I would absolutley love this tree!!!!

  • Love it!! Would fit in perfectly with my modern Christmas decorations :)

  • Et hyggeligt trae, det ser typisk amerikansk ud,
    Håber I vinder :-)

  • How delightful! I know just how I would decorate that little guy!

  • what could better than this sparkling gem to inspire the joy that is this holiday season

  • Love it!

  • I love this tree and the way there is room to create a little winter scene on the base!

  • Love the tree and would love to have one. Listen to you on Sirius radio all the time. Merry Xmas!

  • I have been dreaming of having a Tinsel tree of my very own! In fact I love the retro style of these trees so much that I wrote an entire article about them on my website just last week! Oh please let me win. :)

  • I love the design nice job.

  • love all your stuff! Amazing ideas! little tree is simply adorable!

  • I can never have enough trees on which to enjoy the growing Santa ornament collection I started in 1991.

  • I saw the show with the tabletop tree and loved it. The tree reminded me of my Mom's table tree on display on her piano. Thanks for the memory.

  • I love vintage and retro-inspired Christmas stuff! Great tree.

  • I remember as a child, my Aunt had a tinsel tree....she had the colored light wheel to make it look so very neat to a kid. This tree is just a little nostalgia to me.

  • This is such a lovely tree! I really hope I win :)

  • I love this tree. It reminds me of the one My Grandmother had. I thought it was the grandest thing in the world be cause it was an artificial tree.

  • I remember trees like this from my 50s and 60s childhood. My mom and her friends thought that tinsel was just the most fashionable thing for decorating back then. Maybe it was due to the war when all metals went to industry, you couldn't even buy tinsel strands for your tree. Then suddenly, you could have it all. And they did, everywhere. :)

  • So cute! I got rid of my old tiny Christmas tree when I moved last time (it was old and starting to fall apart) and I would love to replace it with this.

  • My daughter would think she had died and gone to heaven if I put this in her room

  • I love this tree. so pretty. I used to have a vintage full size aluminum tree with the spinning light, but we had a fire and it got destroyed.
    This would make a great replacement.


  • I have been dreaming of having a Tinsel tree of my very own! In fact I love the retro style of these trees so much that I wrote an entire article about them on my website just last week! I really hope I win. :)

  • Since I'll be off to college in half a year my parents will be moving out of the northeast and going south. I figured a wonderful christmas gift was an everlasting christmas tree they could put up by the window to remind them of home. Merry Christmas!

  • Nothing could be finer than to have a Martha Stewart designer on my table.I worship you and to boot have a sister that could pass as your twin.

  • I love this tree. It would go perfectly with my home decor of red and silver. And with all the other Martha Stewart items I have. I love everything of hers and have alot of it at home. I watch her show on Hallmark and check out her stuff at KMart and Sears when I am there. This tree is perfect for me.

  • My brother and his wife have recently remodeled their newly purchased, older home in a 60s theme, complete with retro furniture (a la Frank Sinatra), and this tree would be the perfect gift for them as they celebrate their first Christmas in their newly decorated home. Would LOVE for them to have it, and thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest!

  • I would LOVE this. I had a small tree which was part of the few decorations I owned and it has gone ka-put this year. I recently lost my job and won't be buying any presents or decorations this year which is a real bummer.

  • Fabulous tree! My little girl and I agree it would look great with the homemade vintage bottlecap ornaments, and sequined ball ornaments she made with pink lights(of course).

  • I LOVE anything to do with Martha Stewart, and this little tree is just perfect with my mini pink glitter ornaments! I want one!!

  • Love this tree!

  • Wow! I have been looking for a tree like this for years! I came across one last year in an antique shop but it was not in good condition :( I would love to show off this tree in my house!

  • LOVE this tinsel tree! Love it with the red, but might like pink?

  • Love this! My kids would love to decorate it!!!

  • What a sweet little tree. I think it would look amazing in a window with the sun on it.

  • Love the tree! Hope it ends up in my house!

  • Since we don't have a tree this year, this would be the perfect table topper to spread the Christmas Cheer here. So beautiful, thanks for all you do, Martha and Kevin!

  • Beautiful.

  • Lovely! I wish I had this for this Christmas. My focus has been on my daughter's New Years Wedding. We are using some of Martha's things for the wedding and this tree would be beautiful for that event too.

  • Martha, what a beautiful addition that tree would be to our home. Christmastime is very special to us, not only because of its special meanings and traditions but also because my husband proposed to me 24 years ago this Christmas eve. We have learned over the years that hearth and home is so valuable as we have experienced over the past decade 4 auto accidents, a wildfire, and 3 hurricanes and through it all, we truly know what it means to enjoy your home and spend time with family. Merry Christmas to you Martha and to all at Martha Stewart Living.

  • Too cute for words. I would love this for my condo. Martha is my hero.

  • I love this tree! I always wanted a silver or white tree to decorate with pink lights and cupcake ornaments (my website is Cupcake so I'm known as the cupcake girl around here). It's so retro and cute.

  • Beautiful trees especially if you are limited for space!! e-mail-

  • I have been dreaming of having a Tinsel tree of my very own! In fact I love the retro style of these trees so much that I wrote an entire article about them on my website just last week! Pick me!

  • Lovely little silver tinsel tree! Would love it for my table top in my dining room. My too little boys would love it too!

  • Tinsel Tree...Yes!

  • This tree would make my holiday decor zing! Love the red decorations.

  • Love the vintage look of this would look perfect in my apartment! =D

  • Gorgeous and Festive! I've got the perfect spot for it :)

  • What fun! Love the little tree.

  • i'm treeless this year...

  • Winning that tree would be so exciting!!!

  • The tree is very cute! My family is just beginning our holiday traditions; I felt as if I had Martha Stewart guiding me through meals & decorating!

  • Martha & Team ♥ What can I say, but "eye candy". This time of year gives me a chance to bring out all the glitter and glow and the tinsel tree would be a welcome addition to my collection. Keep on giving us home crafters and home makers something to look forward to EVERY DAY!

    Lee Ann in California

  • I would love this beautiful tree. :)

  • Very beautiful and would be perfect for my mother-in-law who does not have a tree this year.

  • I love this tree. I've been looking for something versatile to put up in my son's room every year. This way when he (hopefully) goes to college, he can take it with him, along with fond memories. =)

  • This tree should be shown to all generations to remind them of the simple pleasures in life. Tinsel catches even the smallest amounts of light from any point.. its simply beautiful.. Thanks Martha, Kevin and Crew!

  • This tree reminds me of one my grandmother used to have growing up! It was silver and she used to decorate it in all silver and gold hues.. I would love to win one so I can think of my grandmother each time I look at it through the holidays!

  • I love this tree! I love your show! This reminds me of when I was young and now I have a toddler and teenager that I want to share these sacred items with so that they may pass them down for generations. Thank you for the many years of teaching me to be a better person.

  • I love this silver tree. My grandmother had a big one with a color wheel that would mesmerize me. Great memory.

  • Would love to have this as a pseudo-replacement as an actual Christmas tree for my small Manhattan apartment! Super cute!

  • So gorgeous and festive! I've got the perfect spot for it :)

  • I love this little tinsel reminds me of some wonderful memories and of some relatives who have now passed on. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  • This brought back such sweet memories of my paternal grandparents ... European emigrés ... that's much of what this wonderful season is all about ... nostalgia, the spirit of love, reflection, and traditions. What a lovely ... and beautiful ... prompt.

  • This tree is beautiful. I can imagine it with some very beautiful 50's/60's style robin's egg blue ornaments!

  • Simply marvelous!

  • So festive and beautiful! Since we don't have a tree, this would be the perfect table topper to spread the Christmas Cheer here. Thanks for all you do, Martha and Kevin!

  • That pretty silver tinsel tree would look awesome on the window sill looking out at its many big green Hawaiian cousins, the Norfolk pines!!
    Mele Kalikimaka!

  • I just recently got married and this will be my first time to celebrate Christmas in the US. It would be great to start the tradition of using these adorable tinsel Christmas tree yearly. Thanks, Martha!

  • My boyfriend comments on how I lose concentration whenever I see something sparkly. I just can't help it! Love the tree! Wish u happy holidays too.

  • This so reminds me of a small aluminum tree my aunt decorated each year in the early/mid-60's and it would be on top of her TV set. She would decorate it with only small pink glass ball ornaments that by then were fairly worn. I always thought it was pretty and special but didn't understand why there were no lights to plug in!

  • Love it! I can use a little sparkle in my life :-) I am the mom of 3 boys and am outnumbered on things I enjoy. Thanks so much! Happy Holidays everyone.

  • I love this tree anything that sparkles or glitters is on the top of my wish list

  • This tree brings back wonderful memories from my childhoop.

  • This is a very pretty tree. Would go great with my Christmas Decor!!!!

  • Great giveaway: I love these tinsel trees!
    Stefan Hurray

  • This is a great tree!

  • Happy Holidays!

    I'm a super "martha" fan and atteneded her show in NYC Sept. 22nd. A awesome day that I will never forget!

    I have a great spot already picked out for this adorable tree. Today, (dec. 8th) is my birthday and I'm wishing for the tree.

    I also have a pic and post about the show over at my blog. I would love for you to check it out!

    Thank you,


    Novi, Michigan.

  • very cute and I know where I would place it!

  • OK.. I was trying to think of something witty to say. A long time fan of Martha's I believe in being honest. So I was going to tell you about how my adopted daughter's baby grand would be the perfect location for your tree. And I am / was tempted to auction it off to help the children at Baby house #1 in Tbilisi.. which was her first home prior to 08. Yes she was brought home while the Russians were lined up and waited to bomb Tbilisi. We lost 40% or 65 children in the months that followed. But then I read the comment that Joy Seay wrote before me. And now that I have my little girl I can't imagine the pain of losing her. I also can't imagine ever being able to enjoy Christmas without her. Therefore I'd really like you to give the tree to Joy in remembrance of her little girl. It's time for Joy to feel loved again. It's time for Joy to start healing and enjoy the magic , love and joy that is so very much Christmas.
    Thank You and Merry Christmas ;o)

  • I saw this tree on Martha's show yesterday. How terrific! It reminds me of my mid-20th century childhood when my mother kept up with all the trends in holiday decorating. Now I try to, too, and it's nice that retro like this is in!

  • WANT!! So pretty!!

  • I love this beatiful tree. My grandma used to have one when I was a child. It would be such an honor to have it in my home and I already have the perfect spot picked out for it and have antique ornaments to put on it !!

  • The only thing that would make this gorgeous little tree better is if it were upside down! Have you seen those trees?

  • I love the vintage (40's/50's) look in the tinsel tree but your use of the single color ornaments really give it a modern flair which I love. It POPS!

  • I love the tinsel tree.Its beautiful.

  • I really like the tinsel tree. I miss my grandmothers tinsel tree with the tri colored musical wheel.

  • This tree is full of the magic that is Christmas, fun and bright and full of sparkle! What a lovely tree...but I think you should give it to Joy Seay...I don't know her but I think she needs it! Thank you

  • This tree is divine. It would look fabulous on my table in my little apartment. Hope I still have a chance. Fingers crossed!

  • After recently becoming single again after 25 years of marriage, I will be spending my first Christmas alone in my new apartment. As space is limited, I had decided not to have a tree this year. But after seeing your little tree, and the flood of memories of the tinsel trees of the 70's (that we never had, Mom insisted upon the FAKE heavily FLOCKED tree with the same silver and blue ornaments every year!) I am rethinking putting one of these "little beauties" in my new place this year for Christmas....I always wanted one! Thank you for the memories and Holiday Cheer!

  • What a gorgeous little tree! That would have been perfect for us this year up in a window - we had to move our big tree from the living room into the lesser-used office because the baby kept crawling over and pulling on it!

  • This tree reminds me of the tree my grandmama put up each year for me. I am allergic to pine so she bought this for me..I sure miss seeing that tree amd her.. Thanks for reminding me of a very special woman.

  • Martha's trees always look fantastic! I wish she would come decorate my house for Christmas!!

  • I could use a little Christmas cheer, after decorating the mall I work at for the Holidays I have no energy left to drag out holiday decor for home. This would be the perfect size tree.

  • I love the tree! Especially with the pink ornaments... it is SO me!

  • I've never owned a tinsel tree, but would LOVE one for the holidays!

  • I love this tree.

  • Seen a tinsel tree in a antique store with the colored light wheel! Very nice.

  • I have Always been a Martha fan and it was a pleasure hearing she was visiting San Miguel De Allende this past Thanksgiving.. its great to have her publicity in my town!

    The tree is great could really see myself using it as my only christmas tree this year!

    Regards, Charles

  • This so reminds me of my 3rd grade teacher. She had a full size silver tree in the front of the room with the rotating colorwheel light that went all day long. It was such an innovation that year. She has always been one of my favorite teachers.

  • Love the vintage looks that you are bringing back!! I was overwhelmed from the gifts that the studio audience was getting today!! I hope evryone enjoys the clay and makes their own Santa!! The mixing bowl was great too!!

  • This is lovely tree, looks like one my mamaw had when I was a small child. Wonderful memories! for thats been many moons ago. Thanks Martha, Vivian

  • Love,Love,Love the tree,you & Martha. You make a good team. Love your decorating. Enjoy your new place. Happy Holidays! :)

  • Love the vintage looks that you are bringing back!! I was overwhelmed from the gifts that the studio audience was getting today!! I hope everyone enjoys the clay and makes their own Santa!! The mixing bowl was great too!!

  • Absolutely charming. I love all things tinsel for the holidays. So many possibilities for this tree...the base is great for little presents or a Christmas scene.

  • Woo Hoo! Merry Christmas! Beautiful tree that would look lovely on my table.

  • I love it in silver! so classy!

  • I love the colors on the tree,and the pan makes the tree perfect.

  • Never thought I would find a "fake" tree so beautiful, but I love the tinsel trees that you and Martha use.

  • I'd love this bit of sparkle in my living room this holiday. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Such a beautiful tree, would go great in my dining room for Christmas!

  • This tree would look awesome on my dining room table. Fingers crossed!

  • I never thought I would want an artificial tree until this. Love it!!

  • Love the retro silver/pink combo, Love Martha Stewart Designs.

  • What a great tree to display some of my grandma's retro ornaments I inherited!

  • Some love Gold... I prefer Silver. This Vintage inspired table top tree would look perfect on my large wooden table with one of my many vintage table clothes under it. I have a vintage Santa Elf with his Lantern waiting to pose for the special night and this beautiful tree would show him off just right!

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE that tree. I would share it with my sister... maybe a year-by-year alternating system. Might have to be week-by-week though, LOVE IT.

  • I would love this tree, I've been wanting one like this for a long time now. I've had the same tree for 5 years now, got it at Big Lots. Please!! I would love to use one for the nativity scene I'm having this year

  • I love tinsel trees and would love the table top version! How beautiful.

  • Kevin, I love this tree. When I was married, he and I decided to flock our aluminum tree in 1969. It was beautiful, but, in a couple of years, not so pretty. Then, my parents also had a silver tree that was packed away with each branch in separate sleeves. Last year, I moved, then decided to get the tree out, only to find a lot of silver slivers. I suppose mice had been there. So, now, no husband, no parents and no silver tree. I would love to have this one!!

  • When I saw this tree in the cookie catalog, I almost died. Finally, a beautiful reproduction of a classic. I'm thrilled to know it even exists!

  • Love the tree,you,& Martha.Love your decorating.You make a great team.Always enjoy your segments together.Enjoy your new place..Happy Holidays!

  • Kevin I love that tree. Brings back childhood memories. We use to have a 8 foot aluminum tree like that when I was growing up.

  • Dear Kevin, I love this tree. This is my first Christmas as a grandmother and I would love to share this tree with my beautiful grandchild Sophia.

  • I have started a modest collection of tinsel trees and cannot get enough! I try to acquire one per year, but being in grad school has made it more difficult. I would love a new tree for my collection!

  • Especially beautiful in pink!

  • Oh, this tree reminds me of the tinsel tree we had growing up in the 60's. We used to have some sort of multicolor light wheel that would shine on it. Anyone remember those? This little version would be perfect for my 10 year old daughter who is, as I type, decorating the whole house. She wants to do something special in her room and this would be the perfect thing to start things off.

  • Cute little tree. I know exactly where I would put it.

  • Beautiful tree! So fun and homemade makes a difference :0)

  • so pretty!! would love to have one!

  • So cute! I don't have a centerpiece for my table right now, so this would be perfect!

  • Kevin, I have been telling my family for months how much I love the vintage tinsel trees. We even have an ongoing joke on facebook on how to apply tinsel to your Christmas trees. We are in two camps, clumpers or neat-nicks who like to hang strand by strand. It would be a hoot to show them I have a whole tree made of tinsel!

  • Beautiful!

  • What a great addition to any holiday decor!

  • Reminds me of a tree we had when I was a child. :)

  • The small tinsel tree looks exactly like the full size one I have from my grandmother. It is from the late 1940's. I'd love to have one of these smaller versions. Very fun conversation starter at any Christmas gathering.

  • Happy Holidays! Would love to have a tree like this for my kitchen-dining room. It would go perfect with my retro 50's decor. It is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Love it! Thanks for the opportunity. Happy holidays!!

  • This would be a perfect little tree for my husband and I, down here in sunny Alabama. Going down to the beach for a alternative Christmas. Merriest Holiday's to you and yours Kevin!
    Rain Keane

  • Love this tree! Even though it's retro, it still looks "space age" as my kids commented!

  • Oh this would be perfect to be my center piece on my dessert table for my cookie exchange party! I have the perfect things to hang from it too! I hope I win!

  • I love how the silver and red go together. It's so sparkly and shine. Truly beautiful.

  • Love using silver as a color for Christmas decor! So beautiful, would love to win and be able to get some awesome ornaments to go on it!

  • What a beautiful tree!

  • Oh my Gosh! I love that silver and pink tinsel tree! I went with my friends to cut down their trees, but I have always wanted a tinsel one. The tabletop ones are perfect; especially since my kitten would probably try to attack a regular sized one.

  • I remember my mother in law having a tree similiar to this. I enjoy reading your posts everyday Kevin. I would love to win this tree. You did a fantastic job decorating your trees.

  • What an amazing tree! I love shiny things so this would make a lovely addition to my holiday decor! And Martha you're an inspiration :)

  • Beautiful trees , reminds me of when I was a little girl and saw one in green at my Grandmothers. Every time I see one like this I remember her. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  • First let me say I absolutely love your designs! Ive tried to implement some of your space saving and organization tips in our military housing but there is only so much one can do with such small spaces. I think it would be a wonderful show if you and Martha could help some of us military wives figure out how to organize such small spaces.

    Secondly, I LOVE this little tinsel tree. How cute!! It would look divine as a center piece as I am hosting Christmas for the family for the first time this year.

  • Love the Nostalgic Tree - it would look wonderful in my son's apartment!!! :)

  • I love vintage Christmas items and this would fit my theme beautifully!

  • I just love the colors and the pan,makes it perfect.I enjoyed watching your show.

  • I adore your vintage tinsel trees. Here's hoping that I'll be the lucky winner!

  • What a wonderful giveaway for Christmas! I just love these sweet tinsel trees!

  • I love this Martha Stewart Tinsel Tabletop Christmas Tree. Martha, will you marry me?

  • Love the retro tabletop tree!

  • We had one of these full size tinsel trees when I was a kid in the 60's and I hated it! I wanted a real pine tree with lights on it. Oh, how I wish I had that tinsel tree now!

    PS - My grandparents had a pink table-top tree and I always felt sorry for them that they couldn't have a real tree... you can guess how much I wish I had that one, too!

  • This awesome tree would be perfect in my son's room! He has been asking for a mini tree since we don't have one inside. We live in a tiny apartment and our tree is on the balcony.

  • Your trees are absolutely beautiful! And I love your collection of ornaments. Thank you so much for your post; I really enjoyed it.

  • This would be the perfect Christmas gift for my mum!!

  • This tree is so fabulous and the size makes it perfect for my parents assisted-living apartment.

  • "Happy Holidays!"
    I grew up having a silver tree at Christmas time and I adore your retro tree giveaway...
    Many thanks, Cindi

  • christmas is my favorite time of year!! and the tree is way too cute!!!

  • I love these trees, and Grandin Road is a great partner. So this is a definate want for me. My friends and family wouldn't be surprised if I owned one as they say I'm the male Martha Stewart/My "Godmother" Martha would approve(if only I was soo lucky), etc :) what can I say? I love great stuff, and anything MSLO puts out is a good thing :)

  • Oh, I've been drooling over tinsel trees all month and now this? Fingers so crossed!

  • This will be the want in years to come like the items of the Golden Glow of Christmas Past today

  • Adorable tree! I am such a Martha fan!!

  • A perfect glittering silver tree~family gathered 'round making special memories~the aroma of holiday food in the air. This is what the holidays mean to me.

  • I'm not a fan of tinsel on green trees, but I really like this tinsel tree! Very stunning when it's decorated!

  • Love this idea for my apartment, where we do not have room for a full size tree. The red and silver look perfect together too!

  • I love this tree!

  • To be honest, I've never had a tinsel tree, and until I saw the example of how to decorate it, I would never given one second thought. Now I feel like I need one! What else would look that great with pink ornaments??

  • Hi Kevin,

    This is the cutest tree! I just love it to bits. I have several trees in my home, but not a tinsel tree. I was smitten by the pink glass ornaments on the silver tinsel tree on Martha's show the other day. What a gorgeous display.

    Happy Regards!

  • This is so retro which is now so in style. Love the pink ornaments on your tree. Thanks for the give-away.

  • Love the trees!

  • What a charming little tree! I would love to own one for my home!!

  • This is a very special Christmas for me -- winning this would make it all the more memorable!

  • I love these trees. My grandmother had a big one with the color wheel and I loved it!!! I am a photographer and we had a wedding last weekend where the bride had 6 of the 6ft trees for her photo time. It was great. She had a vintage dress and very cool shoes. I love the retro look.

  • Oh Merry Christmas and I love the tabletop trees they are Lovely and Wonderful!

  • I love the base of this tree! I instantly thought of a tart pan! Cute, and so Martha!

  • Oh, goodie! Hoping to be the winner!

  • Love the tree! Thanks so much for such wonderful ideas.

  • I have recently started following Martha Stewart and I love her ideas!!

  • I love this time of year and have been looking for smaller tree for our home. But like many others being on unemployment has made it difficult to make un-necessary purchases so i would love to win this tree. Merry Christmas to all.

  • Love the tinsel tree and know exactly where I would put it

  • I would just love this! I don't have a ton of Christmas decorations and anything with Martha's name on it is just fabulous!

  • hi martha, iwould like this table-top x-ms tree for my daughter and grand-kids ages 6& 3 she a single mom cann't afford a tree this yr!!. thank-u

  • I love this tree!!! When I was a little girl we had a full size tree like this, brings back memories. So very beautiful!!

  • OMG this is so beautiful!!! I would LOVE to have a tree like this.

  • What a delightfully festive tree! Very beautiful!

  • I love the original vintage aluminum trees, and this is a great reproduction! Set up a color wheel next to it, and you'd be all set for a 1950s-style Christmas!

  • I love retro Christmas decorations!!! I have many from my childhood!!!

  • I love the vintage look and the tabletop size is perfect for multiple trees throughout the house. It's a simple but fabulous style.

  • OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! What a beautiful tree, this would be perfect for my mother to put in her bay window and make her holiday extra jolly!!!!!

  • Oh WOW, I WANT THIS Martha Stewart retro tinsel table top tree SO BADLY!!

    There is nothing that would make this Jew with Christmas Decor Envy happier.

    Lets face it, Hannukah Bushes....they dont cut it. Can you say mall version?

    This year, Im living with someone (cute!) who celebrates Xmas- so I finally have a real valid excuse to tell my Mom! (my mother's name is Zelda, and she would totally judge)

    The theme for our directions is Dollar Store Alexis- (referring of course to that wallflower role played by my grandmother in my head: Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter)

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE the tree should be mine. I mean, really!


    Happy Holidays!


  • These are adorable! A great idea since we opted not to bring the big tree out this year.

  • Hi Martha, my name is Warren Keller, this is such cute little tree! My daughter Khloee, this is her first christmas, and i have been unable to purchase a tree for her first christmas. Im on unemployment and this year has been a very hard year for us. I may not have the money for many gifts or a tree for my Daughter, but at least i have her and she has me this Christmas. This tree is soo cute and she would love this tree. Have a very Merry Christmas Martha! We love you.

    Warren adn Khloee

  • I can remember life-size silver tinsel trees from the 1950's.

  • I love you, Martha and this tree! I would love it if I won. Happy Holidays!

  • I love the silver tree, We had one when I was little, It had a light that shinned on it that turned it red, blue, green and yellow. Brings back many child hood memories, Thank you for the chance to win one and to be able to carry on that tradition with my Grandchildren.

  • I Love this tree. I saw it on the show yesterday, decorated with the pink German ornaments and it was just perfect. I would love to have it :) .

  • Awesome tree, and very retro. This takes me back to my childhood. My aunt had these types of trees when I was a kid and it reminds me of all the joy of the holidays. Thanks.

  • This tree reminds me of my grandmothers. Love the tree!

  • I adore Christmas, these trees emind me of Grandma!!!!!

  • this reminds me of the aluminum tree that my great grandmother had, as a child I would sit fixated watching the colors change on the tree from the color wheel creeping by...thanks for the reminder!

  • This tinsel tree is a mini version of my Uncle Al and Aunt Marie's. I loved that tree! They had a spinning light in front of it which made the tree appear different colors.

  • I really appreciate the vintage trees and ornaments. They are a wonderful reminder of my childhood. Thanks Martha & Kevin for all your wonderful ideas.

  • Only Martha's team could bring back the tinsel tree! Love the golden trees you put up Kevin! They are so beautiful!

  • Love that tree! Totally want one!

  • I would love this tiny tree for my apt! Love the silver! Classic!

  • I would LOVE to win this tree!!!!! How pretty and nostalgic!

  • This is a beautiful tree!
    I would love to give this as a gift to my mother, who means the world to me.
    She is always there helping me out when I'm not feeling good (I suffer from chronic back pain and need another surgery).
    Christmas is my Mother's favorite holiday!!
    You should see our patio, so much Christmas decorations!!
    She is an inspiration.. she has been through alot recently, with her brother's passing and her parents moving away.. we are closer than ever.
    This year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she fought it head on! She is now cancer free!!
    I think this tree would be a great centerpiece on my mother's table and she would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks again!

  • Oh! what a cute little tree :-) I hope I win!

  • I always love seeing all the trees Martha has every year. Lovely!

  • This would delight my young daughter! Hope we win!

  • Memories.....

  • How adorable is this tree! I have been lucky to receive several vintage ornaments from my Mom for Christmas this year and am creating a sixties style Winter Wonderland with silver, red, white and ice. Love it! Have one of Martha's six foot white Christmas trees that everyone loves. Spray painting some branches silver and putting some Martha bird ornaments on them that I picked up on sale at Macy's today! It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! =)

  • My wife's grandmother had a tree like this but she got rid of it before my wife could ask her for it. My wife would love to have this tree in our house!

  • I love the tinsel trees! I can't wait to see yours decorated in your apartment. Happy Holidays!

  • Pick me! I have the perfect place for that tree!

  • love this so reminds me of my grandmothers tree......she wanted to go 'modern' she had a silver tree....with a 'color wheel' light...that made it different a child, i thought this was the most amazing thing!!!!!!!

  • Such a cute tree that would match my other decor! My main tree has all Martha Stewart ornaments on it the 2 shades of blue and silver. This tree would make my room complete. :)

    We had a large one in the 60's, with the rotating flood lights! This is GORGEOUS! Would love to win one!
    Thanks, Martha & Kevin!

  • This tree reminds me of the little tree my mom would always let me and my younger sister decorate. I would love to add this to my house now. :)

  • Oh my...I love tinsel trees and am downsizing this year since I am now an empty-nester...:( No more little ones running around,only myself and my rescue dog...Merry Christmas Martha and staff....Margaret

  • The trees are so beautiful! I wish I had the talent and creativity to come up with ideas like this - just gorgeous!


  • I love this tree! It reminds me of my time spent with my Grandmother when I was little! Thank you Martha for teaching me so much that I can pass down to my kids. I love your show and I love your crafters!

  • My daughter and I cannot afford a tree this year (It's our first year with just the two of us) and this would be perfect so I could surprise her with a little something special this year (she is 16 and we are starting over). Please, for my beautiful daughter, please choose her to win your lovely tree.


  • I love the tree and its so sparkly, its gonna look beautiful at its new home.

  • I love Christmas. It's nice to see family and friends. This year is very hard for almost everyone I know. New things may not be on the list for a lot people this year. This is a good year for people to give. Not only for Christmas. But everyday.

  • This tree is so pretty!

  • Love it! So retro!

  • Love, love, love this tree. I have a 4' tinsel tree that was my grandmothers and have been looking in stores for a smaller version. PERFECT!

  • would you look at that! it's adorable! i love all things retro. and this is has both beauty and a retro vibe. love it!!

  • I love the tree and maybe it would get me out of putting up my own tree this weekend!

  • I look forward to your tweets! Always great decorating ideas, etc. Yes I would love to win this tree since my daughter in law borrowed my "white" tree.

  • Its beautiful -- everyone should win it :) thanks Martha & Kevin!

  • When I was a kid we used to have a tree like this with red ornaments but my mother had one of those color wheels that she would shine on the tree to change it colors. Way to bring back memories!

  • We had one of these when I was a kid, it was a little bigger though , I think it was 4 ft, You cant hardly find them anymore, I would love to have one now.My other favorites are the German Feather Trees, hint hint, nudge nudge, lol.

  • Can never get enough sparkle and glitter this time of year!

  • Kevin - I love Tinsel and Christmas Trees what a great combination! Merry Christmas!

  • I absolutely love the silver and pink retro 50's!!!

  • I love the monochromatic red on the tinsel tree. I'd love to attempt a green theme.

  • Who doesn't love a little tinsel around the holidays? :)

  • I've wanted a tinsel tree for many, many years! This would be perfect...especially in my daughter Martha's room! I only hope it looks as lovely as one of yours!

  • LOVE this blog and the Martha blog. I always wish I was more crafty but sadly I just dont have the talent. However, I do love reading about successful crafters and seeing the pictures

    Merry Christmas !

  • Adorable! It reminds me of the tinsel tree my grandma had, but this one's shape is better!

  • I would love this little tree to be in my living room. I have arthritis and decided to not put up a tree this year. A small one would be perfect for me so some sign of Christmas could be in my home.

  • This would be a great tree in my tiny house!

  • I'd love to have this tree!


  • Such an adorable tree. I did a blue Christmas this year and it would work well with that theme. I would love to display it in my home.

  • very nice looking tree. seen the tinsel big tree with the pinwheel light. very cool

  • Today is my Birthday! Would be great to get such a beautiful tree today. Thanks!

  • I just love this tree! We are getting ready to move and this would look so great in our new home!

  • I saw one this weekend at a a flea market and drooled over it. Alas, it was too expensive! I'd love to win it!!!

  • This 72 year old glitzy gal needs that glitzy tree to light up her artistic life. I have just authored and self published three cookbooks, painted an award winning horse statue for Horse Mania 2010 in Lexington, Ky., and won first and second place in our city's Great American pie contest last year. Whoo, whoo, let's hear it for the senior citizens that just keep on shining!!! Thanks, Kevin.

  • Love this retro-inspired tree. It's an exact replica of the silver tinsel tree my Nanny (Paternal Grandmother) had while I was growing up in the early 70's. Such nostalgia! It's simply divine.

  • beautiful tabletop tree, would make a awesome centerpiece.

  • Love your trees. Seeing all your ornament containers makes me feel normal. I too have a huge collection of ornaments and organize them by color.

  • Martha thanks for giving us all a chance to win a pretty table top tree, thanks to you too Kevin.
    from NH
    A viewer for all the years you have been on locally.

  • This is a beautiful tree that would look so pretty in my front window on the little stand I have there. I love the color it just sparkles.


  • What a gorgeous little tree! It brings to mind the Christmas that you always wanted - the one you dream about!
    Thanks for sharing it!
    Shauna Lee
    Ketchikan, Alaska

  • I approve this comment.

  • Merry Christmas Kevin!!!
    This tree reminds me of the glitz and glitter trees I had when I was a little girl!! My family placed a color wheel next to ours and the silver picked up the different shades....beautiful!! Oh the memories!!!!!

  • That tinsel tree is beautiful....hope I win it!!

  • Kevin: I am at home following minor surgery yesterday. Your ideas and web site are a great way to spend my recovery time! I am inspired by the small package wreath. I want to try wrapping small boxes in scrap material for an inside version and for tree ornaments. Thank you! Gator Girl

  • I have already sent in my comment. I don't understand this at all. Sorry.

  • So cute! My three-year-old daughter is dying for a "little, sparkly tree" so I'd love to win this, especially as I have been trying to step up my holiday decorating.

  • Love tinsel trees. Love all things vintage and this speaks "vintage" to me!

  • When I saw the tree, I was ushered back to my childhood home, where silver tinsel covered every picture on the wall, hung in doorways, and wrapped around the tree. To have a whole tree made of tinsel would definitely be a "retro" dream come true.

  • My kitchen table just screamed, "Mommy, I want that, it would look so nice sitting in the middle!" =)

  • What a wonderful idea!Both my grandparents and my husband's great grandparents had similar trees, and we would lay for hours near the color wheel just to see the changing tinsel. We appreciate the opportunity to enter for a chance at this adorable tree. Thank you.

  • Adorable tinsel tree! I would love to have this for my new home.

  • Ooooooh - I know just what I would do with this. It would look awesome sitting on a window ledge in my office (overlooking downtown Mount Clemens, Mi) decorated with a peacock theme! I'd start with a handful of feathers that could be strategically placed all over and then accent with an interesting assortment of iridescent blue and green glass ornaments! Pick me!

  • I love the vintage tree!! With 2 dogs we do not put up a tree and I miss it so much! This tree would be perfect!

  • I would love to have the tinsel tree. I remember them from when I was a little girl. We never had one, but my aunt did and I loved it.

    I loved watching Martha Stewart when she was on regular tv, but unfortunately we don't have satellite or cable so can't watch her any more. I do visit her website often.

  • Love the tinsel trees!!!!!

  • Love the tree. It would fit in great with my mid-20th-century kitschmas.

  • Martha, I made my first thanksgiving this year and used ALL of your recipes! Everyone lovedddd them! You're my cooking guru!

  • Love the tinsel trees!

  • I love everything Martha!

  • I love the tinsel trees! This would look so great in my apartment window.

  • This tree is very elegant. My mom is 80 years old and doesn't get out of her bedroom much. This elegant tree will go in her room to cheer her up!

  • This is a great tree! Merry Christmas!!!

  • This is my first year decorating my home for Christmas. This tree would add some cheer and joy to my decor!

  • I've been a VERY good girl this year! Love this tree ~ big time!

  • Would love to display this beautiful tree in our home. I have a table that would be perfect to display this tree.

  • Kevin, what a beautiful tree! It would be such a beautiful addition for our family traditions. Christmastime is special for us as my husband proposed to me 24 years ago this Christmas Eve. There have been many good times and bad, but through all the reason for the season has become loud and clear. Jesus is the reason for the season! Merry Christmas to you, Martha and all at Martha Stewart Living!

  • I love the tree, it would look fabulous with all of my decor'! Here's hoping!

  • Love the tree! It's so nice to see things going back to the retro 50's style again.

  • Kevin, You do absolutely wonderful work. Tinsel tree so nostalgic. You can make something so simple look so gorgeous! I love your ideas. You and Martha are on my list of "must meets someday".. Merry Christmas.

  • When I saw this contest, I thought about a primitive framed piece that my daughter got for me that says,
    "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle." How appropriate for some of us at this time of year.

  • Love this tree!!

  • I miss seeing Martha (et al) on "regular tv" ... I love all things Christmas ... and am always looking for something old fashion and/or unique...

  • The silver is so pretty. I love the little reindeer on the Martha one.

  • We are building a new vacation home in Door County on the property owned by my parents since the 1940's.
    My dad moved in an old Army Barracks to house us seven children as a way to protect all of us from the dreaded polio epidemic. The old cottage has had no plumbing what-so-ever all these years. It remained this way until now, believe it or not. My dream has always been to have something comfortable built. All I wanted was running water and plumbing. Anything else was frosting on the cake. The tinsel tree would look wonderful in our new "cottage" along with all the furnishings from the small, unsophisticated cottage where we have made memories for the past 65+ years.

  • Oooo...just what I NEED to complete my silver tablescape for my annual Christmas party! Good luck to me! My email:

  • I love that tree!!! Brings back memories,,I remember having a tinsel tree when I was little,,,,I love anything Martha does...she wonderful...I have several books of hers...

  • This tree is beautiful! Unfortunately this year, we won't have one, but this would be perfect in our home!

  • Fabuloso! It is a perfect design for my entryway. Thanks for sharing this retro desgin...

  • I absolutely LOVE this tree. I have been watching, reading and looking up Martha on-line to get great inspiring ideas for decorating. I LOVE her style and wish she would come and just make over my entire house. =) Happy Holidays!

  • Oh what a lovely tree. Reminds me of a simple time growing up. How I long for those days. Dad would always put our tree up after Thanksgiving. It's such a different time. It's December 8th and I still don't have a tree, decorations or cards out. Too busy. I would love to recieve this beautiful tree for my home.

  • I adore this tree!

  • that gorgeous....and I have just the spot for her! :)

  • How adorable! This would look great with my colorful, glitter, mini-ornaments!!

  • oooohhh. Does it come with one of those floor spotlights with the spinning color wheel that you project towards the tree? We used to have one of those that went to tinsel tree heaven....loved it.

  • This would such an uplifting surprise to win this tree. My husband cut his foot with a chainsaw 3 weeks ago cutting firewood, my 7 y/o grandson was hospitalized for 1 1/2 weeks also. We've not been i the holiday mood, maybe this would help.

  • Long list of entries but I'll enter anyway. ;) . Love the trees,one would look great on my table!!! Thanks

  • My wife would love this! please pick me so i can be a hero!

  • love the trees, amazing under spot lighting, merry christmas all glgl :)

  • I love this tree! It would go great with the big silver tree we have!
    Thank you,

  • Fabulous!
    I love the retro look of this tree.
    It's very mid-century hip chic...Especially love the monochromatic pinks, very 60's Xmas.
    It's hard to see in the photo what the vignette at the bottom is but that's a great feature too. I really looked twice at the display to see what was "living" at the base!
    cheers and enjoy your holiday!
    M McM

  • This is the first tinsel tree I've ever seen. I love the way the color of the pink ornaments pop off the silver background of the tree. It's simple and very sophisticated.

  • Fabulous!
    I love the retro look of this tree.
    It's very mid-century hip chic...Especially love the monochromatic pinks, very 60's Xmas.
    It's hard to see in the photo what the vignette at the bottom is but that's a great feature too. I really looked twice at the display to see what was "living" at the base!
    cheers and enjoy your holiday!

  • Beautiful, Love it LOOOOOOveee it.

  • Love the trees and Martha's special, I had forgotten how beautiful the trees were and am glad to have the cobwebs brushed away.

  • What a fun tree. I would love this in the kitchen with candy ornaments.

  • Loving Martha Stewart on Hallmark Channel! Hope to win the beautiful tree!

  • This little tree would be perfect as a holiday accent for my bedroom. Since my bedroom decor is nature inspired, I would decorate this beauty with seashells, birds and twigs from the outdoors. I love the vision of a modern tree with a natural twist.

  • This tree would fabulously highlight the collection of vintage sequined ornaments my father made me!! I've been looking for a just-the-right display!

  • Absolutely blissful, I'll have one of these tree's one day. Love the Pink one, so cute. Shout-out to Martha " Hey ! Love ya :)

    Thanks Kevin

  • love this tree but really love everything u do. Your show is very enjoyable and interesting things to do. i would love to have this tree. keep up the good work Martha!!!

  • I love a tinsel tree! This one is gorgeous!!! :)

  • What an awesome little tree! One I would love to have. We aren't doing a tree this year because of the cost and I would love to have this one!!! Thanks so much for being "Martha"!

  • This tree is adorable. I am a big fan of your show and you always have great craft tips and fabulous recipes. I have gotten huge compliments on your mac and cheese recipe. Merry Christmas to you all at

  • I would love to have this :)

  • I love the tree and would love to have it.

  • I love everything you do. I've been getting your magazine every year since i asked for it on my Christmas list when I was 8! You make everyday things so special, thanks for helping me do the same.

  • I would love to decorate this for my little guy and have it just for him room!!! That would make it such a special christmas!

  • Merry Christmas Kevin,

    I remember you giving a demonstration on one of Martha's TV shows or specials on the correct way to decorate a Christmas tree and have followed your example since. I get lots of compliments on my trees and have even been told they were prettier than the ones at Macy's. Thanks for all of the advice.



  • Super cute! It reminds me of my grandma's tree when I was small.

  • This is such a lovely tree! My grandmother used to have one just like it.

  • A year of new traditions...this tree would be a wonderful addition!

  • Love the table tops Martha. A little bit of tree keeps the the holiday spirit everywhere.

  • This would help my goal of a tree in every room!!!

  • I have wanted a tree like this for years and have never been able to find one, I would also like to use it for an Easter tree as well as Christmas!!

  • We are treeless this year! We need a tree! Thanks!

  • i would love the chance to win this Christmas tree your such an inspiration and i love your show and your magazine thank you

  • I just love anything Martha does! Such a huge fan :)

  • I love this tree, mainly because pink is my favorite color. I love how unique this tree is. It would fit perfectly in my front window. My son, who loves the tree ( who is 4) said its a shiny tree. May your Christmas shine with love and happiness!

  • I love the vintage look. I have been having a major dose of memories from the good ole days,

  • Love. Need it, want it.. pick me, pick me=0) pretty please!!

  • I was just planning to go out and buy a tabletop tree, but it would be wonderful to win one instead! thanks for the opportunity.

  • What a beautiful tree! I cannot imagine something so gorgeous like that in my home (I have small children!). But as other people have mentioned before, it looks stunning when it's all decorated.

  • As always, so beautiful and perfect for the holidays. Thanks Martha and Kevin for helping all of us make the holidays prettier and more special! This would make the perfect tree for my guest room!

  • Love the tree. Can't wait to see pics of your appt decorated for x-mas

  • Oo oo oo! Always wanted one of these!

  • Wow what a beautiful Christmas Tree or it could even be used as a Mardi Gras Tree and be decorated all year round. I remember when I was small we had a full-size 6 foot silver Tinsel Christmas Tree that my mom deocrated every year and was so proud of it. The decorations were all homemade by us kids over the years. I hope I win that tree cuz I will surely do it proud and keep it well decorated.

  • As one of Martha Stewart fans, I cannot miss this opportunity for a beautiful tree. Thank you so much, Martha.

  • Love, love, love the tree. My first tree was a silver tree!

  • What a cutie! The perfect little tree for my apartment. Love the reindeer.

  • Happy Holidays everyone...peace on Earth. Tinsel trees are so retro...pick me.

  • I need this tree to complete my home.... Thanks Martha!

  • Loved this tree from the 1st moment that I saw it. I have even tried to figure out how to make it myself since I have made a few things I have seen in the magazine. My most fun project so far were the Easter Eggs trees from 2009.

  • This little tree is so lovely! My current obsession this Christmas is all things vintage-inspired. I've even gotten my mom's old advent calendar from the 50s. This would be a delightful addition to my collection. Thanks for giving us the chance to win!

  • oh, this is the perfect retro & modern decoration! i love it!

  • This tree would look great in my house. Love the red and silver.

  • Good evening! What a fun little tree. For the first time in a while I will be staying at my friend's bed and breakfast in Baton Rouge,LA. So, I don't have tree of my own. My family lives too far away for me to visit.I don't really mind being alone but it would be nice to have one little sparkly tree to remind me that regardless of the circumstances, hope shines eternal. Thanks and happy holidays Kevin and Martha.

  • I love these trees! I scour antique stores to find them but original, vintage tinsel trees are very expensive and hard to find!

  • Simply SPLENDID!

  • When I saw this tinsel tree on your program I fell in love. It has such a vintage feel to it. I think I could decorate it differently every year and never get tired of it. Its so small and could be put anywhere really. What I think I would like most is finding frosty blue ornaments and blue lights for it. I also imagine glass birds of blue and red perched on all of the tinsel branches. I do love the tree. Even if someone else wins, I will be looking for a tree like this one to buy for next year.

  • Very retro and festive table decoration - Love it! Hope everyone is feeling that holiday spirit!

  • How truly beautiful! Would love to have this Christmas treasure. :)

  • I love mid-century modern design, and this inspired tree would fit perfectly with my Eames chair in my office at school!

  • I saw this on the show today. Very beautiful and would fit into my new home perfectly :) Happy Holidays to Martha and the staff!

  • I love vintage things!.. After I read the article in last year's Christmas issue where Martha shared her aluminum tree collection, I hoped that she would reproduce these amazing trees for everyone to enjoy.

  • I would add my glitter house collection to under the tree!

  • Moving into a new place. This would work perfect. I'm moving on Mon. Not even time enough to get a tree, or my decorations from my mothers house. THanks

  • Everything on your show has been inspiring; we started decorating outside today. Time to go back to the stores for more supplies and hope the nice weather continues for a couple more days.

  • Love This Little Tinsel Tree! Would Love To Have One Of My Own.

  • The tinsel tree is so beautiful. I remember when I first met my husband, his mom had a silver tinsel tree that she would put up every christmas. Wish I had one. So nice to see it on Martha's shows. I watch her shows everyday from 8am - 1pm pacific time.

  • This would look lovely in my dining area---love the red and silver loook!!

  • This tree was sold out on the Grandin Road website.. just seeing it brought back memories !Fingers are crossed!!!

  • My tinsle tree died last year and I have been looking for a nice replacement. Well if I win, I'll have found it! LOL

  • Kevin,
    Thank you and to MarthaStewart for having this contest!
    This silver tree takes me way back. 1963ish with a four color wheel that spinned and shinned on the tree.
    I haven't thought about this for a long time. Both of my parents passed in 1964. That's how long it has been.
    Thank you for this!
    Please think of me when giving away this tree!
    Happy Holidays!

  • I love this tree! The vintage styling is so brilliant!


  • Seeing the tree decorated reminds me of when I was a teenager. I had a slightly larger version of the tree and all pink balls on it. It looked so beautiful in my room. I have a great place for this one if I should win. I love the tree and the look.

  • it is only 552 p.m. here when i made my post.
    thank you!

  • The tinsel tree is gorgeous. Watch Martha's show everyday from 8am - 1pm pacific time. Wish I had one of those trees. It's awesome!

  • Love the tinsel tree--reminds me of my grandmothers. From the 50s through her death in the 90s she had a full height tinsel tree all decorated with pink lights and pink ornaments! I would love to have one for my house!

  • I love the retro tinsel tree! I saw it on the Martha open house Sunday nite! We had one just like it when I was a young girl! Unfortunately that tree was list in a flood in 1963! Thanks for bringing back good memories!

  • What a beautiful tree, it would be perfect for my office/rec room downstairs. It is something different and unique rather then the usual green christmas tree. It would be so fun to decorate! I love it!!!

  • This tree would look great on my dining room table!

    I enjoyed Martha's appearance on "The Simpsons" this weekend!!

  • Inspired by Martha over the years I have a few themed trees in my house. This would be a fabulous addition. Thank you for making this fun!

  • The vintage enthusiast in me COVETS that tree!

  • How neat! The tinsel tree brings back such wonderful Christams memories of growing up in the early 1960's. You do such a beautiful job of decorating ANYTHING!

  • This tree so remind me of the full-size silver tree I had as a child

  • I'm obsessed with martha don't have many products and would simply love this tree. My 3yr old would love it too.

  • This tree brings back so many memories from when I was a little girl. This is the only tree my Grandmother had in her house and she let me decorate it with little red sparkly balls. I am so happy to see these tinsel trees becoming popular again. Thanks for the warm memories!

  • Lovely!

  • Such a beautiful tree and a lovely job of decorating, as usual!!


  • simply marvelous...

  • I love the look of the retro tree. It will display nicely from my dining room bay window.

  • I love your tree so much. I will be 68 on December 22. Your tree reminded me of one of our very first Christmas trees we had back in the 60's. Mine was decorated will all blue balls and it was so beautiful. I lost it in a move 40 years ago. I watch Martha faithfully and especially love the holiday shows with all the decorating and ornaments.

    Merry Christmas,

  • love the tree!!!!! gorgeous!!!

  • Love it! Brings back memories of a tinsel tree I had when I was young. It was silver tinsel and had the rotating light that made the tinsel change colors. Wish I still had it!

  • I love this tree, it reminds me of the large one my Grandmother had with the spinning colored wheel!

  • It's so interesting that tinsel trees create such a sense of nostalgia. Everybody needs one!

  • Martha I NEED this beautiful tree!!!!!

  • Love this tree, I know just where I would put it.

  • Love this tree!! Hope I'm the lucky winner!

  • I LOVE the old silver trees. I had one with the color wheel and would put all one color ornaments on it one year and then another color the next year. I would love to have one of Martha's. Thanks, Lynn

    em081106 at hotmail dot com

  • Love this retro tree... I may need to buy it if I don't win it. ;-)

  • What a festive, versatile decorating idea - I think it's adorable and I know my daughters would love it, too.

  • This is the perfect little tree for my little NYC apartment! Martha knows, silver and pink are the new holiday colors!!

  • Crossing my fingers!! I love this!!!

  • Such a beautiful tree. It really takes me back to my grandmother's Christmas trees. I would love to have one, so I could share those precious memories with my children.

  • LOVE, LOVE this tree! Would be very excited if I won!!!!

  • Just the perfect size for my dining room table.

  • These table-top trees are the perfect size for a single person or a couple who wants to add the sparkle and charm of a tinsel tree without the fuss. Martha always comes up with excellent ideas and beautiful products, and these trees are included!

  • So pretty!

  • I'm so sad I can't have a real tree in at my home in Hawaii due to a crazy ant problem, and would love one of these pretty trees!

  • Love the silver, it could be so versatile to change the theme on a yearly basis. Would work perfect with the blue and brown scheme in my living room - oh, what ideas I have for decorating this!! (but i do love the red!!)

  • Lovely!

  • Love this tree!! I would love to win one! Thanks Kevin!

  • I love the red and white vintage-y ornaments that were used!

  • Love Martha, love this tree!

  • I would love to have one of those trees on my dining table.

  • What a warm and fuzzy feeling this tree brings to my heart, because it reminds me of all my childhood memories of Christmas.

  • These trees just add so much sparkle to the holidays. I love how they reflect the light and colors around them. They are especially beautiful surrounded by candle light and pointsettas. When I was a teenager our neighbors had the tree and the revolving color light and I thought they were the coolest family on the block!

  • Happy Holidays to all.......:)

  • I love every second of aluminum trees! So much fun!

  • There's no place like my home for this holiday tree!

  • My granma had a huge silver tree. This picture reminded me of her during Christmas time, very funny memories...

  • Love the tinsel trees - love all thing "vintage" looking. Thanks for the chance!

  • Hi beautiful, love the vintage feel.

  • What a tree, Sweet Like Candy!

  • I was about five years old when my parent had this tree. The also had the light that projected rotated promary colors on it. I remember lying beneath it and thinking elves must made that tree.

  • Love the trees! Was looking at them on Grandin Road last night!

  • We need something sparkly in our lives right now.

  • I would love to have this tree! So cute.

  • Love the tree and the idea of using one color scheme in the ornaments.

  • Kevin - it's a beauty! Love the red with it, too. How kind to give it away - great Christmas spirit! Hope I win it! j

  • Beautiful!!! I would love this on our holiday table!

  • I love the way you enspire! This tree is beautiful and can be decorated so many different ways. Thanks for everything you do!

  • Such a gorgeous little tree! Love it! :)

  • Love, love, love this tree!

  • I collect various small trees and put them up in different rooms in my house. I have been looking for a silver tree and this would be just perfect! I put up the little trees in lieu of a big one when my fibromyalgia is giving me a BIG pain. Merry Christmas to you all.

  • Love your style! This tree would be a great addition to my decorations. I'm going silver this year.

  • Love the tree!!! I had one exactly like it when I was a toddler. Mom has pictures of me standing in front of it. Would love to have a picture of my daughter in front of this one. ;) Memories, thats what Christmas is all about, isnt it? Love all the decorating that you do. So talented!!

  • Gorgeous! As always, I can trust on Martha Stewart to show me the vintage but still timeless tips on any decorating theme! I so love these trees, could be used today in my family room and fit in just as much as it did decades ago.

  • Oh, how badly I want this tree! I have a vision in my head of a silvery Christmas Tree forest set up on my table. Decked top to bottom in peppermint themed ornaments.

  • This tree would be perfect for my office. My work space so needs Christmas decorations.

  • Kevin, I LOVE this tree. It reminds me of the tree my mother had for years. Her tree had a lighted 4-color wheel that rotated different colors on the tree and constantly changed the color of the tree and the ornaments on the tree.

  • I collect small trees and have been searching for a silver tree. This would be perfect. I put them up in lieu of a big one when my fibromyalgia hurts.

  • While my family always had real trees or artificial that looked close to real I always lusted after the shiny aluminum tree at my friends house. Some years it was spectacularly silver and often they'd throw a pink or blue light or the one year they had a four color wheel that shined on it. And then they bought a contraption for it that made the tree revolve. I went mental. It was spectacular. I'd love one of your trees. I would make it spectacular 4 sure.

  • I love this little tree and the way you've decorated it!

  • Love the way you decorated the tree! Great blog! New to it and really enjoy it. Thanks!

  • What does moderation mean?

  • This would look lovely nestled next to my vintage aluminum tree. Just sayin'.

  • Nice! That's the kind of tinsel I can handle!!

  • What a gorgeous tree. We had one when I was young. I still have the color wheel which would really make this tree shine. Thank you for bringing back the retro look. I love it!

  • Love this tree and all the wonderful ideas!

  • I am a huge Martha fan. Just not of her crafts, recipes, but of her everyday inspiration for women. How we can do it all and still put a good meal on the table. Domestic Godess!

  • I've got just the spot for a tinsel tree and I have a collection of old glass ornaments that would be lovely on it too!

  • I've been buying Martha Stewart Magazines & books since I was in the 5th grade. I still have every single craft book that I bought, and I pull them out at Christmas just to give me a little Christmas spirit. I love, love, love her.

  • Love this little tree!! Brings back sooooo many memories. I love anything Martha :-)

  • Love the festive tinsel trees!

  • Wonderful tree! Happy Holidays!

  • Wanting to attend the Craft Sale on Saturday, I made bus arrangements for another Martha Fan and I. My husband was recently diagnosed with cancer and he was in the hospital on Saturday. Needless to say, the trip was canceled. My husband spends time in our heated and decorated garage so as not to disturb me. A tinsel tree from Martha for the garage would be so cherished. Eileen

  • The perfect table top tree! Love it!

  • So pretty...reminiscent of gentler times :)

  • Such a rad little tree!

  • Love this tree! It would go so well with all of my vintage christmas houses and pinecone men from Germany!

  • It's perfect in every way!

  • Wow I thought I had alot of decorations can't even compete.ha-ha great trees:+)

  • This tree can be used like a wreath and decorated for every holiday. What a seasonal stand-out and a gift that keeps giving. It's perfect! Thanks for posting it.

  • Kevin,
    Thanks for all of your great design ideas!

  • Love the tree!

  • Am I too late?

  • Tinsel trees always bring back such sweet memories of Christmas as a child... our tinsel tree was about 6 feet tall and had a rotating color wheel of red, green, blue and yellow.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this tinsel tree. Makes my Christmas merrier!

  • Oh I love that tree and I have the perfect spot for it, right on my desk! :)

  • Wow how this little tree takes me back to a wounderful time in my life.When life was so easy and simple.I remember the silver tree my mom and dad put up and as a child I would lay down under the tree and dream about what Santa would bring.I can close my eyes and still go back to thoes days and it gives me peace inside..Thank you for the memories!!!

  • Would love to win this gorgeous tree!!!!

  • This so reminds me of my Grandmothers old tinsel tree which I own from almost 50 yrs ago, it's fun to put it up and use her small blue balls that she decorated with. Lots of Memories. This tree is gorgeous like hers. Good luck and Merry Christmas to all. Happy Holidays from North Dakota

  • This tree would be perfect in my new log outdoor kitchen building...just the right amount of vintage look, but a little flashy at the same time...absolutely beautiful!!!

  • that tree would be perfect on my corner side table. love it! love it! love it!

  • What a cutie!

  • I need an "allergy free" tree!

  • The tree brings warm memories. I remember when I saw my first one on display at a floral shop window. In my home it would bring "Christmas Past" to my thoughts. So many of my decorations are collections I purchased on vacations or were given me. They too bring memories. It is like getting a hug as I think about when, where and with who.

  • Love all things Martha and all things vintage.! This tree evokes many sweet memories of the magical Christmases of childhood.

  • We I was growing we had this kind of tree. Brought back many happy memories! Would love to have this one.

  • The tree looks gorgeous! I love the touch you add to the holidays, Martha!

  • Your trees are mom would LOVE one!

  • This just rocks - loved the older tinsel trees! Had one when I was younger with a color wheel - reminds me of all the great Christmas memories - THANKS!

  • Pick me have a small apartment would look very nice here , this is an very pretty tree.
    Martha watch you every day

  • My grandmother's vintage glass ornaments would look great on one of these trees!


  • i love this tree!! it brings back many happy memories...,

  • This tinsel tree brings back memories of when I was a child. We didn't have a tinsel tree, but it reminds me of those days when time was a little slower and simple things were more important. Thanks for sharing this tree.

  • I LOVE everything Martha and this tree is just adorable!

  • lovely!!

  • Love the tinsel trees and MSL - I tape all her shows!!!1

  • thanks for answering. now i'm even more jealous. do more organizing blogs,too. they b fab. have a merry and hope u have a killer bonus this year. at least someone will be getting one - c

  • I love the tinsel trees, we painted our livingroom Sharkey Grey with Whetstone Grey trim ... I think I a tinsel tree would look fab in this room with high ceilings and crown moldings ... also the ceiling is pink sea salt ... love the new colors at Home Depot!

  • This tree SO reminds me of the little Christmas tree my mother used to put up and decorate when I was growing up. She made Christmas SO special for all of us... such GREAT memories! :)

  • This is the cutest thing ever.. would go great on my kitchen table!!

  • I have always wanted a tinsel tree! Every Christmas I think about it. This is a beautiful tree, of course, everything Martha is extraordinary.

  • Love the tinsel tree! It goes perfectly with my decor of silver only decorations.

  • love this tree, reminds me of christmas at my grandparents house. thanks for the great memory.

  • What a great idea, thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  • Very nice tree, would be proud to have it sitting on my round table. It's very sad for me this year! Lost my Christmas Eve baby at 25 this Feb.,and my second one blames me, and left home Nov. of this year. This year only one son...not three? "Merry Christmas!"

  • It was great meeting you this past summer at the bloggers party. Love this tree. I saw it on the show this week and was dreaming of how I would decorate it.

  • Kevin's Tree is so beautiful! I love a lot of "Sparkle" during the Holidays, and this Tree really fits the bill. I am old enough to remember when glitzy trees came along. So many poo-pooed the glitz, but like Lucy from Charlie Brown, I'm a huge fan of Christmas Sparkle! I can appreciate the down-home look too, but I LOVE glitter at the Holidays. Wishing all a brilliant holiday season and a very Happy New Year!

  • I love this tree and if I won I would give it to my sister who does not have a tree this year and would certainly lift her spirtits.

  • Absolutely love these tinsel trees! My husband and I are about to experience our first Christmas as a married couple and we don't have a tree yet. This tiny tinsel tree would be perfect for our small, cozy home :)

  • Memories, grandma's home and all her vintage glory. I miss her. this tree returns the thoughts of her. Thanks for the loving memories.

  • what a beautiful tree!!

  • Suzanne M allmeyer at hot mail dot com

  • Wouldn't this be a treat to receive!

  • This Christmas I would like to thank the team at Martha Stewart Living for enriching my home over the last 17 years. I started reading the magazine the year I got married... 1993. I have been enriching my life with all your help ever since.
    Happy Holidays,

  • I have the perfect place for this tinsel tree. I hope I win!

  • The tree reminds me of our 1970's tree - we decorated it all in blue and white! Beautiful!

  • Remindes me of my childhood tree.

  • Hello! I am trying my hand at some of the yummy pie recipes this thanksgiving and christmas that you have in your recipes!!! Love you !!! You are my Mentor!!! I would run around the block if I get this tree!!!! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
    Margery Owens

  • We had this exact tree full sized when I was a teen. Wow would it fit nice into my eclectic living room. Happy Holidays Kevin

  • From: Lisa Thompson | 11/27/12 at 2:31 pm
    I do love this tree - but don't want t "win" itwecan afford to buy one, and don't want to take it from anuone who cannot,ifm, somehow my name is chosen, pPease give it to Eileen so her husband can have a Christmas tree in the garage, in fact I'll buy one for them w/Decorations, If You Can Send Me Her Address, if not I'll be happy to manage donatons if there's a way to set that up, BTW For All Of You W/Cats You Can Have A Tree, We Foster Kittens, So We Have, Between 3 And 15 At Aby Given Time, I am an ornament fiend and would go nius w/o a treeAnchor It To The Ceiling And At Least One Or Two Spots On The Walls (Think Square W/Tree As 1 Corner)Or The Center - Works For Us! WE USE COMMAnd hooks for our stucco wallsand ceiling, and reuse them every year cheap insurance!

  • i love tinsel trees....i keep telling my boys about these trees and they remind me of my childhood growing up..miss mom and dad would love this tree as a reminder of my love for my parents as a child of the 60s and 70s...xo Denise

  • I love all the things you decorade and create for every holiday. Since I was a little girl I have wanted a tinsel tree. Now is my opportunity to win one. Please pick me for this lovely present this year. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

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