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Win a Martha Stewart Collection Forest Grove Turkey Platter

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Selecting special tabletop pieces for Thanksgiving makes your holiday meal that much more special.

That's why I am giving away 5 Martha Stewart Collection Forest Grove Turkey Platters from Macys.


For a chance to win one of the platters, leave me a comment on this post, along with your name and a valid email-address. All comments must be received by 3 PM EST today, Tuesday, November 16. We'll choose five commenters at random to win these prizes.

See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.
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Comments (319)

  • Just what I need! This platter is gorgeous and would definitely go with any tabletop I choose.

  • Love Martha Stewart - and the platter is fabulous!

  • I would love to win. That platter is gorgeous!

  • I just love the Martha Stewart Collection, and this Turkey platter is wonderful! The details on this platter are amazing. It would certainly be the finishing touch on the main dish of any Thanksgiving dinner. If I win one it will definitely be a cherished heirloom.

  • Love the turkey platter! It reminds me of Martha's old home on Turkey Hill Lane!

  • I'd love to win one of these platters for thanksgiving their beautiful

  • Kevin,
    Martha's Forest Grove Turkey Platter, would complete my Thanksgiving table! It is simply elegant and classic. I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my children, grandchildren, and mother-in-law. I would LOVE this platter!

  • Simple but so classy, love it!

  • Kevin,
    I follow what you and Martha online and the tv show. I loved the episode showing your apartment renovation. If I win the platter I will give it to my younger sister. She is a struggling single mother of six. I know she would love it!!

  • Love this! I've been looking to buy one for Thanksgiving this year.

  • I love this turkey platter and it would look great on my Thanksgiving Table. New life, New traditions, need a new turkey platter to go with my divorce!

  • Beautiful platter! Thank you!

  • I love Kevin Sharkey and Martha Stewart and would love to win this Turkey Platter!

  • Each Thanksgiving, I first turn to Martha for fresh centerpiece and tabletop ideas. She and her staff are a fail safe option for any entertaining event.

  • Gorgeous!! You are so creative!!

  • Love this platter, it's perfectly "Martha."

  • I LOVE Martha! These are gorgeous platters and just in time for the holidays :)

  • What a great contest, thanks for giving! :)

  • I'm hosting my first Thanksgiving for friends and family...I would love this platter!

  • I LOVE this platter! It would be a wonderful addition to my table setting.

  • I love that Martha Stewart makes her items accessible through many venues, and at reasonable prices!

  • This would be the perfect platter for my family's table on Thanksgiving! It's beautiful. It would be a wonderful gift to my mother as well for the holidays!

  • What a nice turkey platter. I may be attempting my first turkey this year:( hopefully everything turns out ok.

  • Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday! It's a time of
    sharing food, kindness and welcoming elders, who have
    no one this time of the year! I'm thankful for, Family, Turkey, array of food, my Thanksgiving tablecloths, treasured china passed down from my grandmother, fire blazing, mulling spices, kindness ~ let the music begin!

  • I'm just starting out and this platter is perfect for my style. Very classic!! I <3 Martha!

  • I love Martha!! I wish At&t would work out a deal with Hallmark so I could get her shows again, I miss them sooooo much. Thanks :)

  • Dear Kevin,

    I would love to be included in this giveaway. I think Martha's platter would be a wonderful addition to my Thanksgiving Dinner.

    thank you.


  • This is such a beautiful platter, I love it!

  • I am hosting Thanksgiving and am without a serving tray...coincidence...I think not! :)

  • I would love to win one of these. I love making my table beautiful and special for my family. At one time I had a platter like this and loved it, but sadly it broke in one of our moves.

  • Beautiful!

  • I love the platters - they are so traditional and take me back to when we all went to Grandma's for Christmas dinner. Crab cocktails in a crazy array of glassware (even old jars) - kids at their own "Special" table. Warmth from the oven, lots of homemade pickles, delicious smells, all the relatives together, and laughter - MMMMmmmmmm

  • This is such a great platter -- I love it's simplicity!!

  • I would love to win the Turkey Platter! Thanks for the chance!

  • This platter is absolutely beautiful and is just what my table is lacking! I would love the giveaway and believe it would complete my Thanksgiving table!
    Thank you for your consideration!

  • I turned 30 this year and I'm just starting to try to have my own holiday gatherings. I am finding out quickly that I don't own most of the stuff I need to have a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal!

  • Gorgeous platter! I love her timeless style. It would actually go perfectly with some Thanksgiving pieces I already own.

    I hope you are surrounded by those you love this Thanksgiving!


  • The turkey platter would make a great addition to our holiday table!! Love watching Martha on the Hallmark channel!

  • This would be beautiful on my table for the first thanksgiving I will prepare.

  • Hi - I'd like to be entered to win one of the lovely Forest Grove Turkey Platters.


  • We are planning our holidays around white dishes this year...would love to add this!

  • I live by Martha everyday. She is my home page and I just adore her and her ways of homekeeping. She has saved my family and my marriage with her ways or cleaning, organizing and decoarting. Our home was a mess untill she came in our lives. Thank you Martha and I would be honored to win this plate and display and use it with pride.


  • I would love to have this Turkey Platter. I currently do not have one. I accidentally broke my platter a few years ago and have not been able to replace it.
    This is such a pretty platter... I hope lady luck is on my side today.

  • Oh I love these platters! I actually stopped in my tracks when I first saw them at Macy's this weekend. We had one very similar to this when I was a kid, and I would love to have one of my very own!

  • i have many sets of marthas the white classic styles the best.clean,simple lines and designs can be mixed and matched to suit the far the most elegant platter yet.

  • Oh goodness! This is great, just what I need. As I make my small collection of classy and classic serving dishes and platters (including some Martha pieces that I love), I still don't have a Turkey platter (I know, it's crazy!) I really need it... pls don't let me serve on a tray again? pls consider me in you winner drawing? ;-( Thank you!! and good luck to everyone...

  • Very nice and the white color goes with any decor!

  • That platter is beautiful! It would look perfect with my other simple white dishes.

  • Martha,
    I am in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year and have been testing your recipes. I can't to wow everyone with your dishes. Thanks!

  • Kevin Sharkey has wonderful ideas. This pretty Turkey Platter is one that would compliment any Thanksgiving or Christmas table.

  • Martha has inspired me to make a house into a loving home. I enjoy entertaining now, and it shows. Tis platter would be a treasured piece for my Holiday table.

  • I love this lovely simple and elegant Forest Grove Turkey Platter! It will look so lovely when it is placed on tables in the nook and the dining room!

  • Love the platter! Every year I debate buying one but usually end up awkwardly carving the turkey on a cutting board and putting the meat on a large plate.

  • The platter is gorgeous and would go with any table settings. This is a favorite time of year for me, as I love to bring the outdoors inside by collecting leaves, twigs, berries, etc. to make autumn arrangements for our holiday table. It is a wonderful time to get the kids involved, too. They love contributing to the simple beauty that can be created by nature's bounty.

  • I love this platter and would be honored to win it! Ty!

  • This platter would look beautiful on the table at our family Thanksgiving. So simple yet elegant.

  • My husband and I will be hosting our family Christmas dinner this year. Martha's Turkey Platter would be a wonderful addition to the table. Thank you, Kevin for this opportunity. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • I have been a fan since the begining. I would wake up on sunday mornings to watch Martha. If I did not see it my day was missing something. Now, I dvr every episode. I can not watch them all. I admit. Thanks to all of you over there at MSLO for bringing back tradition. Keep up the great work! dz

  • Kevin...great platter. I love it if you could provide some ideas for decorating the table behind a sofa, when items need to be viewed from two sides. I'm always confused about how best to arrange things on these types of tables.

  • Yet another beautiful design from the Martha Stewart Collection. Makes me want to scrap my new found veganism and the Tofurkey - for a real one. Afterall, I still need something beautiful to serve it on!

  • What a beautiful, elegant turkey platter! I would love to give this to my daughter who is hosting our family this Thanksgiving. She's had a rough year...twins born in January (and a 2 year old)! She would love this!

  • I love Martha Stewart and I love the Martha Stewart collection at Macy's! I would love to have the platter for my husband and I's first Christmas dinner at our home! We just got married in June and we have many pieces of Martha's collection from Macy's!

  • Lovely tradional platter, that will compliment any china pattern. A great basic, any time of the year!

  • I love this platter and Martha!

  • This would be a great serving platter to use on my first Thanksgiving hosting my new in-laws!

  • I use my grandmother's turkey platter. For years she hosted her entire (extended) family in her small duplex for Thanksgiving. Grandma has been gone 20+ years now. The platter is very old (I'd guess at least 75 years old) and I'd love to retire it and have a nice new one.

  • Yes please! Let's talk some turkey!

  • I would love to add this to my Thanksgiving collection. I love Martha Stewart! Especially all her creative holiday ideas!

  • Gobble, gobble!

  • Now that I am an at home mom. I am starting to care about my house and how it looks. Especially around the holidays and at family get togethers. I look at my home and always ask "What would Martha do?" I have been a longtime fan and love her products at Kmart and Macy's. It would be awesome to win the Turkey platter. If not I will go buy one anyways! Happy Holidays!

  • Saw the platter and had to post. My first post ever...! Would love to have the platter, Kevin. Read your blog often and dog-eared your "apartment" story in a recent issue of MSL. Love your bathroom...just didn't get the whole colored cotton ball thing...should have been white. Oh, I love white, thus why I love the white platter...

  • Beautiful platters :)

  • Martha,
    My mom is no longer living, so I go to you for all of my inspiration! Your platter is lovely. Have a blessed holiday season.

  • Oooo, that platter is so pretty. I love the classic white, and it would go nicely with my table settings. Please enter my name in the drawing. *fingers crossed!*

  • What a beautiful platter! I can imagine how lovely it would look on my Thanksgiving table!

  • My mother-in-law so graciously hosts about 40 family members in her home every holiday. This year has been a struggle for her so I've volunteered to make the turkey...what was I thinking....I've never made one! I would love to be able to present her with the perfect bird on the perfect platter and then give her the platter as a gift.

  • Oh my I would love love love to have this for thanksgiving! It is my first at my house with the family. Beautiful platter.

  • The perfect adornment to my Thanksgiving table!

  • I don't want to be rushed thru Thanksgiving for Christmas. Setting a gorgeous table & serving a beautiful meal create an atmosphere that encourages thoughtful conversation & laughter that make this holiday of gratefulness a treasured memory for our family.

  • Kevin, I love your radio show spots. When will you have your own. I have a question to ask you about my crystal chandelier!

    I did not notice when I purchased it that the part the electricity is wired through is plastic! Is that common. I paid about $1,500.00 for it. It was hanging very high in the showroom and the electrician had already cut the wires when we noticed it so I could not take it back.


  • Love the platter....and don't have one!!

  • Just what I need to go with my Martha Stewart house and collection of white dishes!!!

  • We're a YOUNG household among many. This plate is that MAGIC MARTHA factor! Thanks for giving.

    Warm wishes,

  • I could really use one of these! Pick me, Pick me!

  • I have been collecting turkies since I saw a special that Martha did on PBS when I was a teenager. I would love a Martha Stewart turkey platter!

  • Great the simplicity, and yet it's elegant. My kitchen is full of old, chipped hand-me-downs, so this would be quite an upgrade!

  • The platters are beautiful & would be a big hit @ the dinner table. I would love something as nice & elegant as the platters are.

  • Can't wait to eat some turkey! It sure would taste better coming off of this platter. :)

  • Would look great on my table! Love it and Martha!

  • My husband and I love the Martha Stewart's cooking School book. Last night I was so impressed as he learned how to braise chicken. The book is easy to understandand and it has so many details. We are so excited to try the perfect roast turkey on page 149. I would love to have the Forest Grove Turkey Platter from the Martha Stewart Collection to complete our thanksgiving dinner! It's sure a fabulous piece.

  • I'm having Thanksgiving at my house for the first time this year and would LOVE to win this platter, since I don't already have one!

  • Wow!! Love this platter! Beautiful!

  • Have always loved Martha! This platter would be a wonderful addition to my beautiful Martha Stewart Housewares collection!

  • Love it! This platter would beautifully compliment my Thanksgiving turkey platter collection! :)

  • I'd love to win this platter! It would go perfectly with Martha's cake stands from Macy's that I have decided are a holiday entertaining "must have!"

  • It's a good thing!

  • This platter is adorable,love it!! I would luv luv luv to have it!! =)

  • Iconic Martha! I love this platter--T*H*A*N*K*S, Kevin!!

  • Love to win this beautiful platter and if I don't win, where can you purchase it? Thank you!

  • I love the platter! Its one of the kinds of things that truly make it feel like the holidays, getting the "special" platter out for Thanksgiving dinner!!

  • I am hosting my first ever Thanksgiving this year, and this would make it extra fantastic!!

  • I am a huge fan of Martha! I'd love to win a platter!

  • Love the platter Martha! Happy Thanksgiving to all your readers.


  • ::.I LOVE MARTHA! <3 She inspires me to be more creative; to challenge myself to do better than what I can do. Thanks for the chance of winning this!.::

  • So beautiful!! I would love to serve my family on this platter!

  • My wife would love it if I surprised her with this! Thanks Kevin!

  • A turkey platter is one thing I do not have. I know, I know how can i not have one? My husband and I are just starting out, so this would be a fantastic platter to add to our home for the holidays! We love you Martha!!!

  • My cajun spice encrusted fried turkey would be happy to sit on this platter.

  • Okay, here is my ture confession: I did not make my first turkey until I was over 50, and it was so easy to do, I could have killed myself for waiting for so long. My Grandma & Mom (she used Grandma's method) always made a paste of butter and salt; rubbed the paste all over the turkey, placed the turkey in a roasting pan and then sealed the bird with foil in the pan, baked the bird for the recommended time per pound at 350F & voila a perfect roasted turkey emerged from the oven! I was so proud of myself when I pulled my first bird out of the oven---it was truly a Martha Stewart monent.

  • what a wonderful platter to own and share with my family

  • "Gobble, gobble!"

  • Very classy.

  • Martha is a part of our family traditions at Thanksgiving with several of her recipes! I would love to serve my family turkey on her beautiful platter as well! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • This is a beautiful platter and would bring elegance to any table.With a tight budget this year,it would be wonderful to win!Thanks for the opportunity!Happy Thanksgiving!

  • This is a beautiful platter! I would love to win one. Any turkey would look very fine on it. :)

  • Not only is this turkey platter so "Martha" IS Americana at it's best! Gobble Gobble will love bing at my Thanksgiving table!

  • i would love this turkey platter to start my own tradition of serving my family our thanksgiving dinner on each year !!! its a beautiful platter !!

  • I am hosting thanksgiving for the first time im years and would love this turkey platter.

  • I've retired finally and at last cooking this Thanksgiving. Next Thanksgiving my husband will fly home for the holidays as he's taking his job to Ohio for at least three years. It would make this last year with him at home for 7 more months a little more special. It's a beautiful design and would go with the other Martha dishes I have with the acorn pattern!

  • Not only a beautiful piece that could be used to decorate the dining room but also useful. I would love to win this platter to serve my turkey on
    this Thanksgiving.

  • Beautiful platter! It reminds me of one my mom used to have. I'd love to surprise her with this platter to have for Thanksgiving and Christmas

  • The platter is exquisite, just like Martha Stewart fabulous and on the mark !

  • This would make a beautiful addition to our Thanksgiving table!

  • What a fantastic giveaway! This is my third Thanksgiving away from home, and I'm still building out my serveware wardrobe. This would make a perfect addition - perfect enough to maybe bring the family to US for a change!

  • Holidays are all about ritual, finding familiarity across the years to anchor us throughout our lives. As our lives change it's incredibly comforting to have traditional meals, decorations or activities that themselves conjoyr memories of past good times, family members or events. This is why everyone has a great deal of respect for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner or a particular side dish that a beloved aunt used to make or a simple tradition of giving thanks and enjoying small things in life. I can see that this platter would soon become a family heirloom, being passed down with it's wonderful history attached. It's one of those needed touches to make the day memorable and special.

  • My mom is a HUGE fan of Martha and her collection at Macy's. I would love to win this for her!

  • Love the platter! It would look lovely on my Thanksgiving table!

  • What a beautiful platter! Hope I win one!

  • I sooo need a lovely platter. Pick me! Pick me!

  • This year i will be hosting thanksgiving for the first time. 24 people squeezed into my small house, i realized last night while trying to find something to put a 10lb roast on that i didn't have anything big enough and what in the heck was i going to put a 17lb turkey on! so yes this would take care of my dilemma and would be much appreciated.

  • Hi Kevin;
    This Turkey Platter would be great for my daughter first hosts Thanksgiving dinner. I know she would love it. Since I gave her my Martha step by step 101 turkey guide, this platter would be the finally touch on the dinner table. Happy Thanksgiving to all. ;)

  • Yummy, yummy...I've got turkey in my tummy.

  • I LOVE this platter! What a great piece to start collecting with!

  • I would love to win such a beautiful platter...this year Thanksgiving is being put off a week, so we can move my Mother home...I have been looking for a new platter, and this one would be perfect =)

  • This is a beautiful platter that I'd be delighted to have on any table setting -one that I would cherish & would be a conversation piece for years to come. (I'm 75 & have never won a thing in my life-this would be a first if I should win)

  • We celebrate with lots of vegetarian sides, and this platter would be perfect for some roasted vegetables, with veggie stuffing and gravy. And then it could double as a cookie platter for dessert.

  • Sooo pretty!

  • I love the platter! Love anything "Martha Stewart". She is amazing. I would be so happy to add this beautiful platter to my existing Martha collection.

  • Hi Kevin, Thanks for offering that beautiful Thanksgiving Platter! Just found this out on twitter! I really enjoy reading your tweets, seeing your twitpics and of course your blog is great, also!!! Jan

  • I love the simplicity of the white -- and I love almost everything in the Martha Macy's line! Not to mention the Martha recipes I use every Thanksgiving, like her Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie!

  • I have been a fan of Martha's for too long to remember. This turkey platter would hold my bird beautifully & with honor on my holiday table! And during the fall season, I could display it on the buffet with mums & gourds surrounding it. Fabulous!

  • Very cool! I'm recently married and have been saddled with my husband's special favorite plastic turkey platter. . . . . I don't think I can get away with buying my own platter, but I could get away with a gift one from Martha! Oh please, please, please. . . . not another year with the grimy plastic platter!

  • Great giveaway!! Love MS!!

  • This platter would make my Thanksgiving Day,
    I'm bringing the turkey to my daughters, I would love to
    Walk through her door with Marthas platter, she would cry,
    She's a Martha wannabe, and she is addicted to Marthas show,
    She tries to do everything Martha....

  • Love the blog & Martha!

  • My mother loved entertaining and she loved dishes, having a set for almost every occasion. We still always use her 'turkey' dinner plates, and a serving platter would be a beautiful and meaningful addition to our family tradition.

  • I am a faithful Martha Stewart follower....I make her famous "Ghoulash" every halloween for my entire family....they love it! They would love it if I could present my Thanskgiving turkey on a platter of hers.....I would too!

  • Beautiful, Classic, and great addition to Thanksgiving and to pass on to the kids. Love it.

  • I collect turkey platters! What a great addition this would be to my collection.

  • Living in France, I prepare Thanksgiving meal and invite my French friends to this special meal. The turkeys here are huge and they would look splendid on that platter.

  • Kevin - I love your column in MSL magazine!
    Martha - You've been my homekeeping mentor for years!
    The platter is so traditional looking and it would be perfect for my Stewart family Thanksgiving table![pick me! pick me!]

  • I'm hosting again this year and that platter is a must-have! Thanks for the chance!

  • Such a pretty platter- would look great for anyone's Thanksgiving feast!

  • To get something for free is great. To get something from the Martha Stewart line is fabulous.

  • I was devastated last year when I dropped and broke our heirloom turkey platter. This beautiful one would be a stunning replacement!

  • By Thanksgiving time next year, we will have our first little addition to our family and look forward to entertaining a lovely family Thanksgiving get together. This platter would be a great (additional) addition to our home!!

  • This would look so good with my turkey on it!! Please pick me!!

  • The platter is spectacular. My family will all be together to celebrate. My Dad is 81 and my husband is fighting cancer, so we have a lot to be thankful for. We can all be together. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • I havent yet made a turkey.... im kinda intimidated by it.... but If I get this beautiful platter I would for sure make my first turkey!!!
    Great way to encourage people Martha!
    Way to go!

  • Love the platter! You can never have too many platters, especially at the holidays. Martha is definitely my go-to for entertaining. Her tips help calm my nerves before a big party. Even to serve our vegetarian fare, this platter would be wonderful for my stuffed squash or other entrees. Love it!

  • Love all things Martha including this platter!!!

  • What a beautiful platter. I love all of Martha's products!

  • I love this platter. I bought one last year and used it. We moved in December...had nothing in my living room but Marthas 4 foot prelit tree and the bird and bunny ornaments from last years line...well I wandered,LOL. The platter broke. I wanted to hang it on the wall and when I went to take it out of the box everything was crushed.

    It is nice and heavy but not too heavy. the color is perfect white but not stark

  • I would love to win this gorgeous platter..especially when mine broke last Thanksgiving! This is absolutely beautiful.

  • I am doing a roast chicken this year for a smaller gathering, and I could serve the whole meal on this platter. How pretty would the bird be sitting amidst a whole bunch of roasted veggies? Love it!

  • Absolutely gorgeous! I'm hoping...

  • I'm making my first turkey this year and would LOVE to serve it on this! Martha's products are great and I'm sure that however the turkey turns out, this will help it look fantastic :)

  • I love Martha Stewart..... and the turkey platter.!!

  • Yay! Pick me! :-)

  • Happy Thanksgiving to Martha & Kevin,

    "It's a Good Thing" to have the Turkey Platter on the Duran Thanksgiving Table. What great fun to have a chance to win one on your blog today. :~)

  • I would love to win this lovely platter. I am learning how to entertain and decorate and it would make my dinner table a million times more gorgeous!

    Best of luck to all!

  • I have been a Martha Steward Fan for over 30 years. From her wonderful cooking and baking recipes, to festive decorations, to fluffly bath towels, excellent paint, and more. This beautifully decorated Thanksgiving platter would go great with my white milkglass collection.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • Martha, I have always loved watching your show and learned such wonderful and creative ideas. If I win this beautiful Thanksgiving Platter, I will give it to my Daughter and her Husband who just bought their first home and at the same time had their first child, a beautiful little girl. It would be a great addition to have as one of their traditions for their new family

  • I will have 10 international students coming home from college with my daughter, and will also have at my table another daughter's inlaws, who are from Cuba and had been separated from family over 20 years. In addition, I will help serve the men at my son's firehouse. I love family and entertaining, so all of this is a joy, not a burden. I would love a beautiful platter like this one so I can share with all these guests about blessings, generosity and love for one another - all shared with great food. Thank you!

  • Kevin, This Thanksgiving piece will truly become a holiday tradition in our home and a grand "hand-me-down" in our family! Martha has a keen eye for choosing only the best for her line!
    Since you are from Ireland....Thank you for embracing our Thanksgiving traditions here in America!

  • Everything Martha is beautiful! What a great giveaway. Thank you!

  • That plattrer would make my turkey happy!

  • Kevin, it must be absolutely fabulous working with YOU! I love Martha but everyone knows that its all the amazing people around her that keeps her going with all your fabulous ideas! Martha is great, I never miss a show and when I lost it on the NBC, I was very upset. So glad she is now on the Hallmark Channel. You are so amazing with all your ideas!! Oh and I cant forget that I desparately need a turkey platter for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Tell Martha that we want to see more of you and your creative mind on the show!! :)

  • Kevin, I need a turkey platter in the worst way, and Martha's design is just what I want--classic and understated. I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner for a huge brood and have been without a turkey platter for over 25 years of hosting the grand feast. Choose me! :-)

  • I would love this! I've never had one but have always wanted one. Thanks for the chance!

  • This turkey plater would look lovely on everyone's table this year and every year thereafter with a turkey and all its trimmings. I think everyone should have one plater in their cupboard to use each and every holiday. What a wonderful holiday table it would be. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  • Great platter! I love everything Martha :0)

  • Love this. Would love one...

  • I would love to win this platter. It's beautiful!!!

  • Gobble Gobble...I'd like to prop my bird right on top of that platter! She'd look quite royal :)

  • Ooohh! This turkey platter is adorable!!!!!

  • What a wonderful piece to add to my entertainment collection!!!!

  • Love this platter! So cute!

  • Over the river and through the woods, to our daughter's first Thanksgiving in her new home! Baby home from college, Grandad up from MA, the only thing needed to make this Maine Thanksgiving complete would be a Martha Platter! How delighted she would be if I showed up with it in hand for her!

  • I would love to win this! I am hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year!

  • Kevin, I found you via Marth's Facebook page, and I've really enjoyed some of the great tips you have to offer. Love the platter, finger's crossed!

  • Everything Martha puts her name to is so elegant and timely. A turkey platter is just what I need. I broke the one I had a couple of years ago and haven't replaced it. This will be perfect!

  • I am a big fan of everything Martha!
    This platter is great because it is clean looking and will not take away from the beauty of a freshly made turkey displayed on a holiday table.

  • I don't have a platter for our turkey. I use several plates not just one platter. I really enjoy Kevin's eye for color and design and would love to win one of these THanksgiving Platters for our Turkey and it would be the beginning of my Martha Stewart collection.

  • Love Thanksgiving, one of my most favorite holidays! Probably because all the fabulous food to make, bake, and eat. I like to try at least one new recipe each year, and when I do, I like to make a recipe from the "Martha Stewart Living" magazine. It would be wonderful to be chosen to receive one of these beautiful serving platters! Thanks!

  • LOVE MARTHA!! What a wonderful giveaway!! I would love to have one of these to pass down in my family!! I only hope my turkey could do it justice!!

  • Beautiful!

  • Every year my in-laws host Thanksgiving dinner and they just request that we show up. They are truly the best. I would love to present them with this platter so it would make the dinner even more wonderful.

  • I love this platter!!!!! Thanks Kevin and Martha Stewart for giving this amazing piece away. Happy Thanksgiving. xoxo ps. Love your blog Kevin!

  • That is so Martha, a platter that will go with an elegant or casual turkey dinner. You are always prepared with Martha's products no matter what!

  • I've been trying to start traditions with my family (my husband and two stepdaughters) and I think this piece would be a perfect fit! This is the kind of item that can be handed down to one of my stepdaughters some day when they have their own family and start hosting Thanksgiving at their place :)

  • This will go perfectly with all of the other Martha Stewart entertaining things that I have!!! I love her, her ideas, and all of her collections!!!

  • Would love to be able to showcase my turkey on this gorgeous platter!

  • Oh I would love this platter to garnish my table on Thanksgiving. I lost my platter in the eq tremor it fell and went into pieces. Happy Thanksgiving Martha!

  • I would love to win this platter! So nice!

  • This would be a great addition to my serving plates!

  • The platter is lovely. What a nice contest, too! I'm so glad to have MS programming back on TV through the Hallmark Channel but wish they'd schedule it on primetime for those of us who can't watch during the day.

  • love this platter!would love to win it!

  • MARTHA STEWART IS GOD!!!!If I win this platter.It would help me out so much.I really could use a new platter.

  • The Turkey Platter is so lovely! I don't have one so it would be wonderful to win!

  • Always impressed by the quality and thought the staff at MSLO put into everything they do. I'm a longtime subscriber of the magazine and devour it every month. As a Sirius subscriber, I LOVE the Martha Stewart radio programming. I keep it on all day. I really do learn something new everyday!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  • I don't have any platters large enough for a turkey. I'd love this even to display thru the season!

  • How elegant! Don't have one of these yet but hoping to get one someday or maybe in my wedding gifts next year. Love the beautiful stuff you can come up with Martha and team.

  • I need that on my table this year. Nice job again!

  • My youngest daughter broke my platter a few years ago, I just never got around to replacing it.....this platter would be very welcome addition to my holiday table :-)

  • Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

  • How lovely it would be to have this platter grace our family table for Thanksgiving this year.

  • Oh how I love Martha Stewart & the holidays!! This platter would make my season!!

  • I just got my Dec issue in the mail and I realized that I have been a fan and supporter of Martha since the beginning. 20 years and I still love her. My use of color, table settings, collection of antiques and my garden were all inspired by something I read in Living or saw on her show. And you Kevin, are just great. I love your taste and ideas. Here to the next twenty years!!!!!!

  • Gorgeous! This year will be my first time hosting Thanksgiving at my home and I'm so thankful my family is giving me a shot at hosting this year! I follow your blog religiously and think it is FAB! Happy Thanksgiving and may we all remember to be thankful for everything we have.

  • Lovely platter! My husband broke ours last year, right before dinner! We made do with a baking pan. :)

  • I would love to win this platter. The platter would look so beautiful on our Thanksgiving Table.

  • There's something I've always loved about this style of Turkey Platters, it just makes me want turkey, before it's even on the plate. They should do this with other food too, it makes it so exciting :)

  • Happy Thanksgiving! Love the platter.

  • I love Martha, love you, love to win one of these platters!!

  • This Thanksgiving we are celebrating my daughter Kate's sweet 16. This platter would just add to the elegance of the day. It is beautiful.

  • I find this patter very appealing because it will blend in with all other colors and everything else on the table as a neutral presentation which would accent the lovely baked bird. Oh, and Turkey is served more than once a year here.

  • What a wonderful contest! I love anything from MArtha Stewart!

  • Would love to serve my turkey on this gorgeous platter!

    A big improvement over the disposal foil pan I used last Thanksgiving (didn't have a large enough platter!!)


  • Thanksgiving 2010 will be the first holiday we celebrate in our first home!!! How nice to have a beautiful platter for our table!

  • I would absoulutely adore this platter! I love Martha and her creative team!

  • That's a beautiful platter! Absolutely LOVE it.

  • Martha,
    You have been my go to advice for many years.
    Just want you to know that you have carried the day for me in many ways, raising my children, remodeling different houses, gardening. I admire your accomplishments and celebrate your success! I once had a kitchen full of wicker baskets hanging from the ceiling because I loved how yours looked. I have made concrete troughs and kitchen gardens. Many years of endeavors I wish for you. You are one of a kind and I feel so honored to be able to convey this to you.
    You have made a difference in my life as a teacher and role model.
    Just recently I learned about the Mosque from your trip to Turkey. Who knew? Even my history teacher husband was impressed.
    Happy holidays to you and yours.
    Robin F. Ball
    Scobey MT.

  • A Thanksgiving feast would not be complete without a beautiful bird. A beautiful bird deserves a pretty platter and this Martha Stewart platter is perfect!

  • I can picture me serving my Thanksgiving turkey on this beautiful platter!! Hope I win!!

  • i would LOVE THIS PLATTER !!!!!!!!!!


  • Would love to win one of these beautiful platters. It reminds me of the one my grandmother had when I was little. Loved having Thanksgiving at her house!

  • love the white with bas relief for the design- so simple!

  • Gobble, Gobble, Got my finger's and toes crossed that I win!!! :)

  • This is a beautiful platter! I Would love to have this to put on my table for my Thanksgiving Dinner, and to some day give to my daughter when she takes over the tradition of preparing the family Thanksgiving Dinner. Plus I would not have to use my Santa Claus on to put the turkey on :)

  • Would love to bring this turkey to Thanksgiving Dinner. Martha would be so proud of ME - I will cook.

  • I am hosting thanksgiving for the first time, this would be wonderful to have! I sure hope I win!

  • Beautiful and simple platter--goes well with this year's holidays--beautiful and simple. Thank you in advance if I win

  • beautiful turkey platter! as we have already had our thanksgiving here in canada i will use this for christmas!! YUMMY! TURKEY!

  • Ahh, beautiful platter that matches my dinnerware! I am thankful for Martha, Martha and more Martha.

  • This lovely platter would make anyone "gobble" up my turkey!

  • Love the platter! It's perfect for a gorgeous roasted turkey!

  • When I was young I loved Thanksgiving because all of my favorite people assembled to eat my grandmother's and mother's delicious meal. We'd sit for hours at the table, young and old, and laugh and enjoy the day - then have sandwiches late at night and reassemble and start the laughter again.

    Now Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder of those that have left us and the love that they shared. I love continuing their legacy of love, laughter and GREAT food on a very special day.

  • Beautiful. Thanks for the give-away.

  • Thank you for this opportunity!

    God bless!

  • My wife and I live far from our families and getting together on the holidays is a rare occasion. My wife greatly misses her grandmother, Mimi, who shares a love for Martha Stewart with her. Mimi has given my wife a subscription to Martha Stewart Living every year for as long as we have been married! If I could give my wife this platter I know it wold bring her great joy and make her feel like she was a little closer to home and her Mimi! Thank you!

  • Beautiful platter! Would love to have it grace our Thanksgiving table!

  • beautiful platter

  • This platter would definitely inspire me to make the turkey this year!

  • What would top off a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner than presenting the turkey on that beautiful platter.

  • Kevin,
    I have been eyeing this platter for a while, and would love to have it grace my Thanksgiving table. You are just the man that could make it happen! Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Oh wow, wonderful giveaway! I love every single product in the MS Collection @ Macy's. It would be a pleasure to use this on Thanksgiving!

  • This is our first thanksgiving in Maryland.I will will be cooking thanksgiving for only my family this year. The platter will be a nice addition!

  • We always take a picture of the beautiful roasted turkey. It sure would look better on one of these platters than in the roaster pan on the stove!

  • Since we will not be having Thanksgiving dinner at home this year I would love to win this platter to give to my daughter. We will be having dinner at her house this year because she just had her second baby and does not want to take the baby out of the house too soon. They just came home today and she would love to serve her first Thanksgiving dinner on this platter. I love that it is white and really can go with any set of dishes one owns. Thanks for considering me.

  • You'ROCK' KEVIN ! There are soooo many Wonderful comments left that I can only hope to be one of the Lucky Ones to win this beautiful platter. I too would hand it down to my daughter & her family. I also am extremely pleased that 'HALLMARK' was wise in chosing "MARTHA STEWART".And since I am a Farmer I take my break time to watch almost everyday. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • The platter is absolutely beautiful!! I have always prepared a huge turkey each year and we have a large the platter will be perfect for me. You are a terrific designer.

  • So simple and lovely. I would be delighted with this turkey platter!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • oh, how wonderful, my grandmother use to have a turkey platter like this one I LOVEd getting it out during the hoildays. It brings back so many memories from when I was young. That was when families were always together. Now I have those memories... Once we were a large family always together, now everyone is gone except cousins and they are scattered around the country. Have a happy hoilday season and hold tight to those precious moments when your family is together.

  • What a lovely platter, I love the simplicty of white I love everything white the platter would be so nice on the thanksgiving table.

  • I just love decorating the tablescape! This turkey platter reminds me of her white tablescape she did for a TV special. Having the table set in a perfectly thought out theme sets the day. All Martha's products fit perfecly for that. I am going to make napkin rings and use glitter for sure. I love Martha's glitter line. I can't get enough!

  • Kevin,

    Years ago I made plates to use for Thanksgiving out of ceramics. This turkey platter would complete my
    Thanksgiving table.


  • Kevin,
    My mom loves Martha's collections, and would love to have this platter for her holiday dinners!

  • Since Minnesota raises the most turkeys in the world it would be only fitting to put a beautiful bird on top of that beautiful platter! And we expect about 55 immediate family members over for dinner in the garage. So it should be a gas!

  • We always have Thanksgiving at my sister's home, about 300 miles north of Houston. I go up a few days early to help with getting the house ready, and to help with the meal preparation. Some years, it's 80 degrees on Thanksgiving day, and some years, it snows. We are 12 to 20 around the table, our family, and my brother-in-law's family, and friends. We ALWAYS make the cranberry relish with jalapeño, (the 1995 recipe!) as well as more traditional cranberry sauce, and every year I make 2 - 3 "non-traditional" dishes, culled from Martha's recipes: bread, dessert, veggies. The meal is always a BIG success. And the table/house decorations are always Martha-inspired.
    All that to say, the turkey platter would be a GREAT addition to our Thanksgiving celebration.
    Thank you for this opportunity. Happy Holidays to all!

  • Fabulous! A meticulously prepared bird needs a proper platter to sit upon!

  • Ive learned so much from Martha this past year this would just top it off,

  • Kevin,
    I would love to have this beautiful platter for my mom--she is a huge fan of everything Martha!

  • Loving the turkey platter. It would look beautiful with my table setting (a combination of vintage pieces from both of my grandmothers and new pieces of my own).

  • Martha
    I couldn't think about any of the holiday's with out checking in with you first to see all the new things in cooking,crafts,gardening and so forth . I love it all!
    Thank you for being there for all of us!
    I love the platter, and to have something that you endorse and love would be an honor!

  • LLLove this platter - it's a great piece and I can see it with turkey and my little roasted vegetables all over it, sprinkled with some rosemary. Hope I'm lucky!

  • WOW!!! Good luck to the winner!

  • this would be a wonderful gift to place on my sister's thanksgiving table !

  • This woul look fabulous on my table for thanksgiving! It is such a beautiful platter!

  • Martha Stewart & Macys...The only way to celebrate the Holidays !

  • Love, love, love your blog and that it allows readers to feel that they have an "insider's eye" into your world and the world of Martha. So many great ideas, pictures and links, thank you!

  • This beautiful turkey platter would be a perfect hostess gift for me to bring to my sister and brother-in-law. They do Thanksgiving every year for 20-30 people and do an awesome job.

  • I had Thanksgiving dinner for the first time at my home last year and had to cut up the turkey and serve it on a few plates. I remembered and planned everything but serving the turkey. I would love to serve a turkey on this absolutely gorgeous platter. You are my true inspiration for everything!

  • What a gorgeous platter! I'd love one of those....

  • Kevin,

    How lovely that would be on my table with a beautiful turkey accented with leaves of sage and rosemary.

  • I love to watch the Martha Strwart programs,she has great taste.

  • Living far from home and family, it would be lovely to own a Thanksgiving dish from someone whom I consider a guest in my home everyday on the Hallmark channel.

  • Holiday loveliness!

  • Love the platter! Love it even more if it were mine (fingers crossed).


  • Thanksgiving is my favorite meal to cook!!!!

  • Looks beautiful!

  • I would love to win this platter. I'm hosting my very first family Thanksgiving this year. :)

  • This wouldbe a great way to start my martha stewart collection. Happy thanksgiving everyone! I am a Native American and thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I'm so excited!

  • I would love this platter! I have most of Martha's dishes and this would look addition I just ordered Martha's Natural Turkey, so its a Martha Thanksgiving! :)

  • Presenting the highlight of the Thanksgiving feast would be a pleasure on this platter. The perimeter is wonderfully defined thus framing the main dish of the meal.

  • Absolutely beautiful!!! I love Martha!

  • I need this platter! to go of course with one of Martha's recipes....
    Thank you Martha for bringing a smile to my face everyday!

  • Love this platter! I so need this for my Thanksgiving turkey this year, as I lost my Spode platter last year. Thanks and I will send you a picture of my turkey before serving it.

  • That is such a beautiful plate. It would come in handy for this Thanksgiving!! Love ya Martha!! and Kevin too!

  • I would love to have a turkey platter of my own! I am 44 years old and do not have one.....would be a sweet early Christmas present!

  • My mom had a platter similar to this when I was a child, you knew the holidays had started when mom would pull it out of the cabinet.

  • Thanksgiving is one of my favorite time of year. This is the one time we should give Thanks to God for All our blessings! The turkey platter would make a great addition with my Butler Pantry by Lenox dishes. I can't wait to see if I win one of the platters!

  • Oh Hi!!! Would love to win the platter. It is lovely and I love Thanksgiving. Our family will be traveling to Tennessee this year for a large gathering of family. The turkey platter would be a fun topic of discussion. I love your show and your website and your magazines. Hopefully, I can make it to New York soon and come to a taping. Thank you so much for offering this incentive to cook a fabulous turkey. Happy Thanksgiving. Many Blessings to you!

  • I've loved Martha for years and don't get on website much (we live in country and equipment is too exspensive!) But would love a new turkey platter. it is beautiful! I also have a goldfish named Sharkey! this is my husbands work computer.

  • Thank you, Martha and Kevin for presenting classic design in refreshing new ways. I love this platter as it can go anywhere from a mid-century modern kitchen to a traditional formal dining room. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • I would LOVE to win this beautiful platter~

  • Hi from Virginia. I just love this platter. I have one that belonged to my Aunt, full color. I have it on my hutch in the dinning room during the fall season.
    I have learned so much and making my home more inviting to others for many years watching Martha.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  • It would be a very nice addition to my Thanksgiving table.

  • My wife would love this! She loves everything Martha!!!

  • Hopefully I just made it! I'm in Colorado, and it is 12:54 p.m.!

    Thank you to Martha Stewart and her fabulous team for making every holiday special. Special thanks to Kevin Sharkey for providing this opportunity!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all ~

    Maria Cunningham

  • My daughter would love this! She wants to be Martha Stewart :)

  • Ah! 4 minutes to go before 3pm EST!

    I'm trying very much to build my collection of serving dishes, and this one is just lovely.

  • Wow! I can't believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner. So many things to be thankful for this year. :o )

    Happy Thanksgiving to All!

  • Wow, after I commented and came back here this morning, the link still shows my comment as awaiting moderation.

  • No sob story, just LOVE the platter!

    Hope you had a blessed thanksgiving!

  • thank you for you sharing!

  • I love this plate...I have been looking for a new one cause mine got broke last thanksgiving (with the turkey on it) Would love to win this. Thanks.

  • would love this on my table..would go so well with my dishes...will pass it on to my daughter someday.....

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