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Martha came up to my apartment the other day and commented on how incredibly clean it is. Now, I have tried out many cleaning products, in search of the perfect item and I have come quite close. What's my secret weapon? The E-cloth. It's kind of amazing. It cleans everything from glass and stainless steel to wood and tile without any product (sometimes I use a little bit of water, but that's it).

I especially love it for use on my dining table - I completely trust it on this precious surface. And, another version cleans my cell phone and TV screen. Not sure how it works but it combines two fibers that pick up dust, dirt and even creams (if I touch a surface after moisturizing, it wipes the lotion right off).

So, I am hooked and now you know my secret.

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  • Love to see your recommendations! I just ordered several e-cloths. Trying to cut down on so many chemicals. Thanks.

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