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The Entryway

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Growing up, the first thing you encountered in my house when you walked in the front door was a giant, elegant grandfather clock. The nostalgic memory brings me a sense of comfort. So, when thinking about what visitors will first see when they walk through my front door, it’s no surprise that I would love a more updated, modern version of the grandfather clock.

My first inclination was to look at the September 2008 decorating issue of MSL, and in particular the stenciling story. Modeled after the face of an 18th-century case clock, the oversized wall decoration was easily stenciled in an entryway. But, this idea was not quite modern enough for my glass box.


Then, I remembered seeing a wall clock in the Kaufman house, in Palm Springs, when Martha and I visited the historic Neutra space. The clock was on the kitchen wall and is a collection of simple dots.

Finally, on a trip to Design Within Reach, I thought about creating one of my own with house numbers and maybe powder coating them a great color.


All seem like great ideas and I know that when the time is right, I will choose the design that fits my needs today with a nod to my past.

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Comments (5)

  • I love the effect of the clock face stenciling (with the hands) since it speaks to the past, but I'm sure you'll come up with the just right thing to fit with your modern sensibilities.


  • The clock in the hallway reminds me of an old episode of a Poirot mystery. My vote is for a hallway clock, oui? The "time" is right!

  • The clock on the wall is interesting, but I really like the v-groove paneling with the tall baseboard. Very sharp.

  • Great idea! It will be cool if you can find an antique industrial movement (working) for the center of your clock.

  • I did nearly every project in that stencilling story - so beautiful. but the clock was a big statement even for me. I imagine in your space you just want avoid cliché - like train station clocks, different time zone clocks, and anything that ticks loudly (pet hate).

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