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It's been a few weeks since our last Q&A session, so I think it's time to catch up! Thank you again to those of you who so faithfully follow my blog. Your comments and questions are always a delight to read.

Q: Would love to know your suggestions for popcorn ceilings. Have them, hate them, and I am scared to try to tackle them. Any ideas? - Linda

A: Linda - I also think that popcorn is made for snacking, not ceilings. Surprisingly, it is not difficult to remove popcorn ceilings from your home - all it really involves is a spray bottle filled with water and a putty knife. I found straightforward instructions at Other than removing them, there are a few ways to help cope with popcorn ceilings. First, keep the ceiling well maintained, clean and dust-free. You could also paint the ceiling a pretty color, such as pastel blue or light shell pink - the latter will cast a nice glow on anyone standing underneath. Or perhaps consider painting on a damask or graphic pattern to further confuse the eye into thinking it is not popcorn, but a textured wallpaper. Look into covering the ceiling with beautiful tin tiles. If worse comes to worse, Don't Look Up.

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image from

Q: I have heard that in a "plain" painted room, the ceiling color should be a shade lighter than the walls. I have also heard that the ceiling color should match the trim color, and of course the traditional "just white" ceiling. What are your thoughts? - Stephen

A: There are no rules! I think that not painting the ceiling is a missed opportunity.

Q: A color that I find really attractive as an accent color is Hermes orange. Have you ever seen it successfully used in an apartment? - Lincoln

A: You may have seen my post about decorating with orange a few weeks ago, but here are some more tips. Incorporate orange into your interior design via soft home, such as pillows, rugs, throws and painted lampshades. If all of that sounds like too much of a commitment, fill a vase with orange colored flowers - ranunculus and poppies are always a lovely choice.

image from Martha Stewart Living

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  • Hello Kevin... I love your blog... Since it's Q & A today... I have a question regarding one of your previous blog... the colour Blue... you mentionned that by looking at blue, blood preasure lowers and heart rate slows down... I have been told that and read about that very often for many years but nobody ever mentionned the source of that information or the specific study that shows this fact... would you have any clue about that source ? I hope to hear from you and thanks for the daily inspiration ! CĂ©line.

  • It is always a great please reading your blog Kevin.
    Thank you!
    God bless

  • I hope that you will have a twitter account soon. Please do.

  • Hi Kevin,
    Thank you for the info on popcorn ceilings. I guess they were the 'in thing' with builders 30 years ago but like you, I prefer to snack on popcorn. If I don't use your diy tip for removing mine, I might paint them a light color blue. Thanks for your suggestions. Trish

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