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I am painting my entire apartment a khaki color and am constantly on the lookout for accent colors that will give each room a personality. When I saw Colefax and Fowler designer Emma Burns' country home in England, I wanted to put into practice some of her color principles, particularly the color scheme in the dining room. The wall color is very similar to what I imagine my apartment will be. I love how she uses deep, saturated purples as accent colors in the accessories (apron, plate, and candles), chair fabric, and flower arrangements.

Emma Burns' dining room color palette inspires me to think about purple in a new way.

Oddly enough, a few pages after the story, the London company 'And So To Bed' had an advertisement with the same palette.

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Comments (10)

  • I love the khaki and the purple. Khaki can get tired, but the mix with the purple really makes it look fantastic and fresh.

  • Exquisite. I prefer to call this plum as purple reminds me of my high school mascot and I'd rather not go there;-)

    To my eye, plum goes smartly with khaki here because the it is on the warmer, richer side.

  • I've always liked a deep wine color or an olive green and even plush black with khaki. I'm a 'winter' in clothes so I always go for the darker, but true colors. Hmmm, khaki/wine in family room? Thinking, thinking...

  • Hi Kevin, the khaki will look great with the nice wood Parket in your apt. `And So To Bed` is a nice store I have been to the store in Dubai also at HARRODS in London. I like the Versailles bed in the photo very elegant with the purple color. Kevin, what style of furniture do you like in your bedroom? Do you like antique Persian carpets?

  • I just love the way Emma Burns uses color to facilitate a cozy, lived-in feel, while still being very elegant, crisp and clean. The juxtaposition of the clean white and khaki crispness with the sumptuousness of the saturated purples, inky blues, and textured greys. Love this and quite a talent to pull it all together!

  • An interesting a good way...I think...

  • Khaki sounds like good color for your new condo. It should go great with the modern style of the building. Do you mind sharing the brand and name of the khaki color you chose? Thanks.

  • Hi Kevin
    Which Khaki shade? I'm assuming from the MS line?

    Best to you

  • Kevin, My request is where do I find the fabric for a duvet that is as lovely as your purple spread? Also If I do grays, and kakie in a other room isit ok.

  • Love it! This is exactly what I want to do in my home. What paint did you use and the color? Thank you.

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